Book Review- UnParenting Sharing Awkward Truths With Curious Kids Reema Ahmad

A single mother’s confusing journey, answering awkward questions about parenthood


Parenting is one of the most responsible roles one can have, in life. When this role turned out to be of a single parent, it becomes a bit tougher. Reema Ahmad, a sexuality educator, made an effort to identify those questions in regard to abuse, sexual awareness, parental relationships, and other aspects of parenthood, which mostly get ignored. 

The author herself is a single mother who experienced an awkward journey and discovered some better ways to balance the curiosity and innocence of kids.

Yes, that too without compromising on the kid’s journey to discover the truth in their own way. UnParenting Sharing Awkward Truths With Curious Kids is a book by an author which can get described as a guide for many parents in today’s world. 

The Premise of The Book

The book is divided into 10 chapters, and each chapter talks about the author’s life experiences as a parent.

In one chapter author said that even after educating your child about good and bad touch and exploring posters on the topic together with the child, reality strikes the moment when the child says something actually happened. She explained how parents should handle such situations and mentally prepare the child to face such situations with confidence and protect themselves. 

 The author narrated the simple yet bold approaches to help a child handle bodily curiosity when they start discovering the body parts in human bodies. Reema Ahmad mentioned the way she adapted to help her child learn things in a natural way with positive acceptance. 

Puberty is an important episode in human life which bring bodily changes that continues for the rest of the life. Reema Ahmad said puberty is not just a physical change but also a massive change in the emotional aspect of the growing child. Parents need to educate both boys and girls about puberty and how to respond to opposite genders in a situation of crisis. It’s common for a child to sense the existence of crushes for the first time in their life. All these are the results of hormonal changes in the body. It’s a sensitive stage and needs more parental support for the child’s healthy mental growth.

In one of the chapters, Ahmad talked about single parents and dating. She shared her own life situation when her son questioned Uncle P’s role in his mom’s life. She discussed how it affected him when things didn’t happen the way he expected his presence to be in their lives. The relationship between Uncle P and his mom ended with heartbreak, which introduced the young child to the concept of heartbreak.  

Through this personal incident, the author explained how to keep children safe from hurt when dating as a single parent. 

There are various other aspects like Sex & reproduction, bullying, relationship, love, separation & divorce, loss & grief, and emotions & mental health covered by the author in this book from a parenting point of view.

Who Should Read This Book?

Many will recommend it to single parents. But I will say that people from every segment of society, parent or non-parent, man or woman, married or unmarried, everyone should read this book. 

You will discover so many answers you were looking for, for a long in this book. Perhaps, you will find a NEW YOU in YOU. 

It will help to have a better understanding of child psychology, and the way they respond to various things in life. It will educate you on how they react to new things, odd things, or sometimes weird things in life and how they should handle it.

Writing Style Of the Author

The book has been written in simple language that is easy to understand. The conversation styles between mom and child helped me as a reader to identify the triggers that the author tried to point out through this book. I liked the way, the author made an honest confession about the happenings of her life, be it separation, dating, or mental health.

The cover page is simple, sober, and appropriate to symbolize the essence of the title.

Final Verdict

 I loved the way author Reema Ahmad dealt with some of the most important aspects of parenting and child psychology, and I give it a rating of perfect 5/5.

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