Rang De  Initiative: Help You Understand All About Social Investing

Rang De  Initiative: Help You Understand All About Social Investing

People today are more financially aware than they were about just a few decades back. They understand the need and the importance of saving money by choosing the right investment options. At the same time, people also want to contribute to various social causes and create positive social change.

Most people believe that investing their funds and contributing to various social causes are two mutually exclusive options and hence fulfilling them both simultaneously is impossible.

Thankfully, this impossible task has been made possible by the concept of social investing, which combines financial investing with social objectives. Organizations like Rang De have come to play an important role in promoting this concept that can help overcome various social challenges.

What exactly Social Investing means?

Despite being a fairly new concept, social inverting is gaining much popularity among people seeking both financial and social benefits. This is because social investing enables investors to get a decent return on their money while also empowering them to create a better society. Contrary to what many people believe, social investing is not like donating money to social causes. Rather, the investors provide funds to social organizations, charities, and even corporate for fulfilling a social mission and enjoying a return on their investment. It has emerged as a powerful and effective tool to create a sustainable and scalable impact by motivating investors from diverse backgrounds to collaborate to fulfill a social and environmental mission.

Key Advantages Of Social Investing

Opting for social investing through reliable platforms like Rang De can help investors to enjoy a wide range of assured benefits. The most important of these benefits include the following.

Helps Investors to Contribute to Social Change:

An increasing number of people want to be a part of various social and environmental initiatives that can help change society for the better. Social investing provides people with an opportunity to contribute to organizations working to address issues like climate control, workplace abuse, poverty, healthcare, and energy conservation and be a part of the movement to improve society.

Balances Risks And Rewards Efficiently:

Unlike other investment options, social investing is less reactive to market fluctuations and it enables investors to maintain a diverse portfolio. This helps in creating an efficient balance between the risks and rewards for the investors as they can enjoy the less volatile yet socially impactful use of their funds.

Ensures Moral Satisfaction For Investors:

Opting for social investments helps investors to calm their conscious and make them feel morally satisfied. They find peace in the fact that they are using their money to fulfill their social responsibilities while also earning a decent return on their investment. 

It Is Better Than Donating To A Cause:

Social investing is gaining momentum with more people considering it a better option than donating to a cause. This is because organizations working for the cause need to retain their investors and this is possible only when they offer them decent returns. So they work extra hard to fulfill the missions successfully and achieve the desired financial growth.

Some Useful Tips About Social Investing

Here are a few tips that potential investors should keep in mind, before committing to the concept of social investment.

1) Investors should choose social projects and causes with utmost care and do proper research about them before investing anything. This is where sites like Rang De can prove extremely helpful as they guide potential investors about the most authentic projects that also promise a good return.

2) Setting the right goals is as important as choosing the right project when it comes to social investing. For this, the investors should check the sustainability of the project as well as its impact after completion along with the level of transparency within the organizations executing the project.

Final Thoughts

Social investing is the future of investing especially since its rewards are not only financially satisfying but also personally fulfilling for the investors and help create significant social impact. Rang De opened new avenues for us to be a sensible and responsible social investor. The team of Rang De managed to create the impact to encourage us to take a step forward to invest in entrepreneurs from low-income communities. Rang De  accelerated  financial progress in India.

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