The Stream Of Happiness by Nagaraja Koodli- A Review


Are you confused about the right way of living life or the best path to guide your kids in the right direction? 

If that is true, then all you need is a good self-help book that can guide you about living life in a passionate way. The Stream Of Happiness by Nagaraja Koodli is one such book that shares the magic sticks to make your life better and happier. It’s a collection of short essays with simple tips that can add positive vibes to your dull life. 

Premise of the book

The essays penned in this book center around our mind, body, anxiety, education, self-love, generation gap, parenting, life lessons, and different characters from mythology, human history, consciousness, and mental awareness.

What can you learn from the book?

The book focuses on three things, and each one of them is important:

A. First and foremost, the author’s belief that a child’s development begins in infancy matches mine. With all his experience and knowledge, he writes that over-controlling children may lead to anxiety in kids and hamper their creativity; this often results in an inability to learn through self-observation skills or freedom.

B. Second, if parents are in a habit of correcting their children often, it will create an impact on their minds. It will make the kids believe that they are mostly wrong. Kids will lose self-confidence. It will continue even when they are adults. The worst thing that can happen is a development of a sense of anger in the child, which in adulthood may turn fierce on the parents.  

C. Morden parents are focusing more on career building compared to the overall growth of the child. We forget that it’s important to be in touch with nature, and it’s no less than a gift for the healthy growth of the child. Playing amid nature has a strong impact. It is of mother nature on the child. It helps nourish the mind, body, and soul of the child for healthy and prosperous growth.

Are you looking for a self-help book? The one that can help you learn about wellbeing? Try out this book.  It will be an excellent guide for enjoying a happy and blessed life.

Who can read this book?

If you ask me will recommend this book to all who wish to have a blessed and satisfying life. It is not just for themselves but also their kids.

Writing style of the book

Simple narration is the USP of this book, making it easy for readers of all genres to understand and relate. 

Final Verdict

Keeping in mind the simple narrations and the subject of the book I am giving it a rating of 4 on 5.

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