Marigold – The Flower With Exceptional Medicinal Qualities

Marigold – The flower with exceptional medicinal qualities

A flower this beautiful and charming had had to contribute to this world of health. Its willingness to bloom is undeniable, and its bright yellow flowers are more than just pretty.

They trap resins and essential oils and prove exceptionally good in medicines. Marigold is one such flower that made its presence felt in our lives.

I will share some facts about this well-known flower and its medicinal uses.

Medicinal uses of Marigolds


Marigold, called Calendula by the Romans, is said to have Flavonoids that we consider to be cytotoxic. They begin inhibitory and anti-inflammatory activities against leukemia, melanoma, and cancer cells.

Body Toxins

Detoxification of our body helps not only our digestive system but also the lymphatic system as it drains and eases out inflammation of lymph nodes. Marigold petals help in detoxification by removing the toxins produced in our bodies.

Treat skin problems and heal wounds

Marigold’s use to treat skin conditions has been in practice for a long time. It helps reduce inflammation, swelling, sensitivity, redness, and dryness. And thus, it is widely used to treat irritated skin problems like wounds, burns, and rashes.

Ease out spasms, cramps, and Haemorrhoid pain

In folk medicine, Marigolds are a favorite to treat stomach or intestinal disorders. And many studies have concluded that it does aid in easing out cramps and spasms. Many claimed that Marigolds proved effective for managing the regulation of the hormonal processes that occur in the female body.

For beautiful skin

Marigold’s methanol extract contains high levels of polyphenols that are anti-aging to the skin. When Marigold essential oil is applied to the skin, it helps protect you from UVB radiation by reducing the damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties alleviate various skin conditions.

Alleviate discomfort in Bursitis

The inflammation of the bursa sac helps causes severe pain and swelling. Marigold you can use as a pad therapy or a paste to alleviate the inflammation and discomfort caused.

This is not all; Marigold is also used to treat ingrown hairs and reduce eczema and dermatitis. It is also a natural insect repellent due to its strong smell and antioxidant content.

Thus, these versatile flowers are beautiful and useful. Every garden needs at least one.

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