Delberto- Redefining Entrepreneurship

Delberto- Redefining the concept of entrepreneurship

Knowing Delberto

Delberto E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. is a cutting-edge SaaS-based platform revolutionizing the world of entrepreneurship. With a mission to simplify the process of becoming an entrepreneur, Delberto provides an unparalleled opportunity for individuals without prior entrepreneurial skills to start their own e-commerce business effortlessly.

At the core of Delberto’s offering is a user-friendly platform that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their e-commerce ventures within a matter of minutes. Gone are the days of complex business setups and technical hurdles. Delberto empowers individuals to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey using nothing more than a smartphone.

By leveraging Delberto’s innovative platform, aspiring entrepreneurs gain access to a range of essential tools and features. From website creation and customization to product listing and payment integration, Delberto covers every aspect of the e-commerce business process. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience, even for those with limited technical expertise.

One of the key advantages of Delberto is its SaaS (Software-as-a- Service) model. This means that entrepreneurs can leverage the platform without the need for significant upfront investments or ongoing maintenance costs. Delberto handles the technical infrastructure, security, and updates, allowing entrepreneurs to focus solely on growing their business.

Delberto’s emphasis on accessibility extends to its mobile-first approach. Recognizing the increasing reliance on smartphones, the platform is designed to be fully functional and optimized for mobile devices. This enables entrepreneurs to manage their businesses on the go, making it convenient and flexible for individuals with busy lifestyles.

With Delberto E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd., anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship can transform their dreams into reality. The platform’s simplicity, comprehensive features, and mobile capabilities open doors for countless individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journey and find success in the vast world of e-commerce. Delberto truly embodies the spirit of democratizing entrepreneurship and empowering individuals to create their own online businesses with ease.We offer three models to help people start their business:

In the Dropship Model

The Dropship Model offered by Delberto provides individuals with an opportunity to establish their own businesses and utilize the platform to sell products on renowned e-commerce marketplaces without requiring a significant upfront investment. By registering their business with Delberto, entrepreneurs gain access to a comprehensive suite of services and support.

Delberto takes care of various crucial aspects, including product management, inventory handling, payment gateways, and logistics. This relieves entrepreneurs from the burden of dealing with complex operational tasks, allowing them to focus on growing their business and delivering a remarkable customer experience.

In addition to the practical support, Delberto’s team members work closely with users to identify their true calling and passions. By understanding their strengths and interests, the team can suggest suitable product lines that align with their unique abilities and market demand. Examples of potential product lines include clothing, fashion jewelry, decorative items, and knick-knacks, among others. This personalized approach assists entrepreneurs in selecting the most promising products to sell on different e-commerce marketplaces.

By leveraging Delberto’s platform, entrepreneurs can tap into the vast potential of online marketplaces without the need for substantial financial investments or extensive technical knowledge. This empowers individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and achieve success in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

With Delberto handling the operational intricacies and providing tailored guidance, entrepreneurs can focus their energy on building their brand, driving sales, and fostering customer relationships. The Dropship Model offered by Delberto opens doors to a world of opportunities, enabling individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and efficiency.

With the Re-seller model

The Re-seller Model offered by Delberto empowers individuals to establish their own social commerce websites effortlessly, requiring zero investment and no programming skills. In just under 30 seconds, entrepreneurs can own a fully functional website, ready to engage customers and drive sales.

Through Delberto’s platform, individuals gain access to a vast selection of over 100,000 products that can be listed on their website.

This diverse product catalog covers various categories, catering to different customer interests and market demands. Entrepreneurs have the flexibility to curate their product offerings and create a unique online shopping experience for their customers.

One of the key advantages of the Re-seller Model is the ability to customize the margin structure. Entrepreneurs can set their desired profit margin for each product, enabling them to control pricing and maximize their profitability. This gives individuals the freedom to strategize their pricing strategy and compete effectively in the market.

By eliminating the need for programming skills and upfront investment, Delberto’s Re-seller Model democratizes the opportunity for individuals to enter the social commerce space. It provides a user-friendly and streamlined process for entrepreneurs to quickly establish their online presence and start selling products to their target audience.

With Delberto’s support, entrepreneurs can focus on building their brand, marketing their website, and engaging customers, while the platform takes care of the technical aspects and logistics. This allows entrepreneurs to fully dedicate their time and energy to growing their business and maximizing their revenue potential.

In summary, the Re-seller Model offered by Delberto empowers individuals to become social commerce website owners within seconds. With a wide range of products to choose from and the ability to customize profit margins, entrepreneurs can quickly establish their online presence and embark on a successful journey in the thriving world of e-commerce.

In Grow Your Business

The “Grow Your Business” model offered by Delberto is a do-it-yourself (DIY) platform designed to help brick-and-mortar stores or home-based businesses expand their reach and tap into new markets. This model presents opportunities for existing traders or manufacturers to broaden their business horizons by listing their product catalogs on the Delberto platform or utilizing Delberto’s SaaS-based application to promote their existing business across extended geographies with the support of logistics and listing services.

With the “Grow Your Business” model, entrepreneurs can leverage Delberto’s platform to showcase and sell their products to a wider customer base. By listing their product catalog on Delberto, they gain exposure to a growing community of aspiring entrepreneurs and consumers seeking unique products. This expanded reach opens doors to new business opportunities and potential collaborations.

Moreover, Delberto provides a SaaS-based application that empowers

entrepreneurs to promote their existing businesses across extended geographies. This application serves as a powerful tool for marketing and expanding the customer base beyond local boundaries. Entrepreneurs can utilize Delberto’s logistics and listing services to streamline their operations and ensure efficient order fulfillment.

By embracing the “Grow Your Business” model, entrepreneurs can take advantage of Delberto’s infrastructure and network to scale their business. Whether it’s a physical store looking to establish an online presence or a home-based business seeking wider visibility, Delberto offers the necessary tools and support to facilitate growth and success.

The DIY nature of the platform empowers entrepreneurs to have full control over their business expansion. They can manage their product listings, monitor sales, and make strategic decisions to optimize their growth trajectory. Delberto acts as a partner, providing the resources and services needed to enhance their reach and maximize their business potential.

In summary, the “Grow Your Business” model provided by Delberto offers a DIY platform for brick-and-mortar stores or home-based businesses to expand their business horizons. By utilizing Delberto’s services, entrepreneurs can list their products, access an extended customer base, and leverage logistics support to facilitate seamless order fulfillment. This model empowers businesses to grow their presence, increase sales, and explore new markets with the backing of Delberto’s expertise and infrastructure.

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