Book Review-An Oddessy Of The Mind By Narendra Murty

Book Review of An Oddessy Of The Mind By Narendra Murty: A Unique Collection Of Essays On Various Topics


Exploring the complexities of this world and making sense of it has been a favorite topic of authors across generations. This has resulted in the creation of some excellent thought-provoking literary works that continue to inspire readers to continue this quest.

An Oddessy of the Mind penned by Narendra Murthy is one such book that tries to shed light on various contemporary themes and their impact on human culture and society.   

Premise – An Oddessy Of The Mind

An Oddessy of the Mind is a collection of twenty essays that cover a wide range of topics including philosophy, history, psychology, ecology, evolution of solution centric ideas, and even the impact of technology on humans. The book helps to understand the ideas and perspectives of great thinkers such as Sri Aurobindo, George Orwell, Arthur Koestler, Carl Jung, Will Durant, Bertrand Russell, Samuel Huntington, Jiddu Krishnamurti, etc, easier for the readers. The book reflects the comprehensive research and observations made by the author for writing the text. Most importantly, the book makes the readers stop and think about the problems humanity is facing today. It encourages the reader to delve deeper to find the truth that is hidden behind the veil of illusion that we only have created.

Who Should Read It – An Oddessy Of The Mind

Writing Style An Oddessy Of The Mind

The author has followed a simple writing style that has helped him maintain the clarity and comprehensiveness of the topics covered. The author also needs to be applauded for ensuring that the book retains its erudition despite the seriousness of topics covered. This has helped in turning the book into an intellectual journey for the readers.

The cover page design is perfectly in tandem with the title and the theme of the book and is inspired by ancient Greek text of Oddessy.

Final Verdict: An Oddessy Of The Mind

This is a good book for readers seeking answers to questions that run in their mind but which they are unable to find answers to, and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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