Neelayadakshi- Entrepreneurial Journey Of Roshini Mohan

With every passing day, is meeting more  new talents from India and it is really a proud moment for us to present Roshini Mohan , the young , talented, smart budding woman entrepreneur from India. Why is she so special? She is the safety pin jewellery designer from India. Sounds Odd!!!  But, its true. She dedicated herself in making of this Unique concept  and she succeeded. Here we present the very talented and beautiful ROSHINI MOHAN 


1) Welcome to the platform of We are happy to have an exceptional talented entrepreneur with great concept of jewellery designing using safety pin with us. Roshini will insist you to give a brief about your background?

Coming from a very traditional background who never misses any function and as a dancer, my association with jewellery started very early. Even when young, I was always donned with different attires and accessories. I was always projected unique in my dressing style by my mother, (a housewife now, who quit her job to support me) a person full of creativity. My father, a civil engineer, works for an interior company

IMG_9068Photo Credit: Neelayadakshi

I used to take special care for the jewellery I wear, be it simple or traditional. I have always been harder on myself and expect my jewellery to be unique and the best.

2) How the concept of using safety pin in making of jewelry came to your mind?
My mother’s friend gifted me a simple chain with a safety pin as a dollar. I was amazed to see such cute jewellery. Then came the thought-why not convert this idea into traditional jewellery suiting our people.

 IMG_5623 Roshini In her creation

3) Its true that  concept of jewellery of safety pin is very unique at least in India, then what actually provoked you to go for it?

IMG_20150530_121321_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

Yes, of course. The moment when I thought of using the safety pin, I surfed the internet and found that safety pin jewellery is quiet common in the West but not so in India.

4) Who inspired you to take this art into profession?

Thanks to my mother, who is a very creative person, inspired me to take this art into profession.


Photo Credit: Neelayadakshi

5) Do you design jewellery based on any specific pattern or its just your creative imagination?

It is just my imagination and I am still trying out the best possible ways to use the safety pin.

6) If customized pattern are demanded by client can you design it?

Yes, I can, with pleasure-if it is possible.

7) What materials you use in making these jewellery apart from safety pin?

I use different sized, variety beads and charms, chords and chains. I also colour coat the pins  for a different look.

IMG_20150528_155906_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

8) Are you self taught in this jewellery designing?

I surf the net but I create my patterns with the material available here.

9) Why you named your project as Neelayadakshi?

I had always admired the Goddess ‘Neelayadakshi’ (another name of Goddess Parvathi, who is enthralling with blue eyes) who is our deity down South. Her name creates a positive vibration in me, hence the name.

IMG_20150529_125809_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

10) Who are your targeted customers?

My targeted customers are youngsters, any women. There is a broad array of designs to pick up from as casual, formal, avant-garde styles-to suit all.

11) How you are reaching your customers and what sort of response you are getting for your creativity?

  • I reach customers through all media-whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram etc.,
  • Portals
  • Of course, special occasions like weddings, parties where I wear my jewellery.
  • College
  • Word of mouth

IMG_20150530_120045_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

People are awe-struck the moment I say the jewellery is made out of safety pins. Even men turn back and never forget to touch and see if they are truly safety pins!

12) What are your future plans for Neelayadakshi?

Neelayadakshi should become synonymous to safety pin by its unique, distinctive patterns. I wish to take it up in a slow and steady manner.

IMG_20150529_131816_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

13) How to decide the pricing of the jewellery? Is there any special team linked up with you for packaging and promotion of your products?

The pricing is according to the time taken, labour and for the creative quotient.

 Yes, I have a team for packaging and I am slowly working on promotion.

14) What are your other passions in life?

I am a classical dancer and also a stage artist and a veena player. I am pursuing my Masters in Food Technology and would very much wish to specialize in my area.

IMG_20150530_141752_HDRPhoto Credit: Neelayadakshi

15) How to contact you for placing orders?

Orders can be placed through my facebook page “Neelayadakshi’ – I do not currently have a website. They can contact me or whatsapp me 9444907840 or through email –

16) You are young, so say something about the young women entrepreneurs of India. Your view your opinion about them which can encourage them.


Photo Credit: Neelayadakshi

We need a lot of women entrepreneurs in India. Society puts pressure on women to feel guilty if they succeed, as if success has come by overlooking family. It is definitely possible to strike a balance.

As it is, women are good at multi-tasking, communication and creativity. One needs to figure out on what they are passionate about because if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like ‘work’. Take pride in what you do.

17) What as per you is your so far best creation and why?

My best creation so far is DNA. It is a twisted ladder form and it nearly takes two days for me to do it.

18) Define Roshini Mohan- The safety pin jewellery designer?

Just like the jewellery that I create, Roshini is always a person who pins up hopes.