My journey with Instagram is not that long but still in this short period I came across some beautiful people with an altogether different taste of Instagram-ing than me. Some of them impressed me so much that I decided to pick few and dive into their journey history to know them better. One such elegant Instagram Influencer I came across  is Prerna Mittal. Her taste and choice of fashion made me speechless many times.  For me she is the very first influencer I am interacting with on this platform. Join me to know her journey.
1. Welcome Prerna to my world Before we move further with our session please introduce yourself to my readers. We are eager to know about you and your family.
Hi ! I was born and brought up in Delhi in a fairly modern family. I did my schooling from Carmel Convent School and I graduated in B.A.(hons) Economics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR).
My creative side beckoned during the days of college and has taken me through several different creative journeys. I started painting after my graduation from college, exploring many different techniques of painting, to name a few, Stained Glass, traditional Tanjore paintings, Ceramics & Glass etching. I had my first solo gallery exhibition show with about 50 exhibits at The Visual Arts Gallery- Indian Habitat Center, inaugurated by Dr Kiran Bedi. That was a key milestone in my creative life as after which I started painting professionally. Even today, painting for me is pure passion than looking at this as a profession.
My desire to learn new things and my love for baking, took me to London – to the very prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. There I honed my art in baking with a course in patisserie, coming back as a professionally qualified pastry chef! Today, I only bake as a passion.
Id like to mention my mother here, because it was she who has always encouraged & supported me to keep exploring my creative side & to keep learning. She, till date, cheers me on as I discover new paths.
I continued painting after coming back from London, but there was more I was keen to learn.
The next journey for me, was to follow my love for fashion and make-up. This time it took me to The London School of Beauty & Makeup. There, I learnt techniques of make-up professionally – fashion, photographic and Bridals.
In Delhi, I trained under Samantha Kochar for hair style. Thereafter I started freelancing as a professional Make-up Artist. Fashion shows, magazine shoots, bridals…I did it all! I even took up sessions for corporate grooming. All this while my paintings continued, this was my constant.
I’m married to Amar, a boy from Mumbai. He has & continues to support me whole heartedly in all that I do.
I slowly settled down in the new city and 2 years later, my son, Aryan was born. Another 2 years later Adah, my daughter came into our lives. That’s been my journey, through exploring my creative side to being a doting mother, while balancing both.
2. Instragram Influencer….. is the new trending profile in the industry. What you feel about this profile and the challenges associated with it.
Influencer – I find this profile of being an influencer can be very complex but yet extremely powerful. Though it is used very lightly in today’s social environment. It’s a profile that carries a lot of responsibilities attached to it. As the saying in Spider-Man goes, “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”.
Everyone calls themselves an “Influencer” nowadays, because like you said, its trending! The challenge is to create a niche for yourself, and not get trapped into the rat race of doing what everyone is doing, like picking similar products, copying content, etc. Its necessary to create your own style. Finally it comes down to Content, content, content! The appetite of the audience to see good content is enormous.
3. How long are you in the industry as an influencer?
I have been actively blogging only since a little over a year. I have always loved fashion and make-up of-course, and I love pictures. I started with uploading my personal pictures that brought out the fashion trends & make-up techniques, on Instagram. During the lockdown I decided to take this a step further & make Fashion and Make-up videos. I’m a person who does things for passion rather than as an “Influencer”. I stay away from the pressures and the race that influencers are into.
4. The day you started with your first Insta post till today… What improvement have you witnessed in you as an influencer?
I like to think I have improved a bit with every video of mine. Technically I have learnt a lot, going with the flow….eg how to do transitions, how to improve my set up, the background, experimented with lighting, with effects . I do my research of course every now and then to know what the audience will enjoy watching , and what I will enjoy shooting too. It has to be a mix of both. I learn every single day. While making fashion videos I’ve learnt to experiment with clothes and combinations I would have never tried. I’ve experimented with different make up looks and try to get more precise every time. It’s a journey I am enjoying.
5. How tough is the job of an influencer? What are the parameters a brand looks for to pick one as their product or brand influencer?
I think the brands are pretty sorted when they try and pick influencers. They look at the fan following, the engagement with the audience, and probably the level of talent of the influencer.
6. Prerna, these days when I go through instagram pages, I find almost everyone is promoting some product or the other. What as per you is the reason behind it?
Yes you are absolutely correct in pointing out that. I think the reason for that is the pressure the influencers create for themselves, the fear of missing out those brands, they feel if everyone is doing it, then they should do too- to be noticed in the industry. What I feel however is, if everyone is already doing it, how will it anyway help me? I need to do something different right?
7. I am a regular follower of your page and trust me every time you impress me with your brilliant sense of styling and fashion. Are you a complete self made influencer or there is someone at the back helping you to bloom so beautifully?
Thank you so much Samata, for your love and appreciation. ???? Like I told you earlier, I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I’m a professionally qualified Make up artist. I started with my make up videos and later challenged myself into making the fashion videos. I never actually thought I will be able to do it. My husband Amar, however has supported and helped me whole heartedly right from the start- whether it was in the song selection, editing, using the correct lighting, or taking some random shots . Whenever I feel lost, he’s my saviour, ready to help me out. I start by selecting a concept, my clothes, make up and I finally shoot and do the editing all by myself.
8. As a fashion influencer there are different types of outfits that you need to showcase. So my question is what type of reactions you received from your followers and audience?
Initially, I was a little skeptical, on how the audience will react to my kind of fashion. I’ve tried including different styles from ethnic , western to contemporary in my videos. I would say I’ve been lucky so far going by the love and appreciation I’ve received from my audience, whether the video has me in a bikini or a saree. I’ve always tried to get their views , and what appeals more, and the answer always has been a mix of all styles. So I try and make every video unique in concept and styling.
9. As a viewer tell in which look you found yourself to be most beautiful- Traditional or Western?
I love wearing traditional clothes. A saree is love for me always, though I end up wearing more of western clothes. Now it’s for the viewers to tell me, what makes me look more beautiful. I think more than just looking beautiful, the secret is to wear any piece of clothing with the right attitude and confidence. A simple outfit can make one look beautiful if carried with grace and confidence together.
10. The moment one finds an Indian woman in a modern Western outfit, the first reaction is never good which I witnessed in my personal life. What is the reason behind such an attitude, as per you?
I think the reason for that is our traditional and orthodox mindset – that one can only be graceful in an Indian outfit. Grace and elegance is an attitude, it has nothing to do with what one is wearing. I can be graceful in a bikini, and not so much even in a saree. It’s how one carries herself.
11. Might be a silly question but still I will ask… Is being beautiful or handsome mandatory for becoming an influencer?
Not at all. Handsome/ beautiful are all relative terms. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” remember? To be an influencer, one needs to have their own distinctive style, ideas and confidence that sets him/her apart from others. What is beauty after all? Who defines it? There are no definite parameters of beauty.
12. What are the barriers you faced when you decided to step into this world of influencing?
None at all.
13. Trust me you are among those beautiful mommy influencers which I believe can be an inspiration for many others? What’s the secret behind your vibrant beauty and elegance?
My vibrant beauty, it’s you who makes me feel beautiful when you say that . As far as taking care of myself is concerned, I believe in less is more. Using minimum skin care products, eating everything in moderation, keeping myself active by doing a lot of my house work myself.
14. Barter system is something which is mostly followed in influencing? How effective is this? Do you feel offering a product to promote is a enough reward for an influencer or he/she deserves more?
Well barter collaborations can be beneficial if an influencer is new and believes in the brand he/she is being asked to promote. It could get more work for the influencer and help the brand too. Nowadays I see a lot of exploitation of influencers happening all around in the name of barter. So one needs to be careful while going in for such collaborations.
15. What will be your advice for the newcomer influencers in the industry?
My advice will be – Follow your heart, follow the passion that brought you here. Rest will come eventually. Develop your own style, carve a niche that separates you from the rest.
16. Beauty and fashion products are something which is ruling the influencer market? Why is that so?
Instagram started mostly with fashion bloggers. I think they dominate most of it. A lot of people come to Instagram looking for ideas related to fashion and make up. Whether it’s the pictures or the videos, a big part of Instagram is fashion and beauty related. Influencers are changing the way products & organizations are reaching their consumers. The impact an influencer has on their followers to use endorsed beauty products is much more significant than your traditional advertising.
17. What are the available varieties of influencer in the market?
Influencers are into lifestyle, travel, fashion, beauty, make up, books and everything that you can possibly think of.
18. Who is the inspiration and support system behind your successful career as an influencer?
My love for fashion, the will to experiment with my own style, is my inspiration. My biggest support is of course my husband. Like I mentioned earlier he’s always there to listen, give his ideas, help me with almost anything at any time.
19. What are your other passions in life?
My passions – Painting, Baking, Dance, Fashion & Makeup (not necessarily in that order)
20. How different is mommy Prerna and Influencer Prerna?
Mommy Prerna doesn’t believe in perfection…she believes kids are meant to make mistakes and learn from them. I don’t want my kids to be perfect at all times. I want them to grow in a free environment, with me there to guide them always of course. I’m not like the extra cautious and hover parents (no offences here), but I want my kids to develop a mind of their own too.
Influencer Prerna on the other hand believes in perfection. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t or wont be room for improvement, but every picture or video I upload needs to be perfect at point of time. I will keep learning , trying to be better every single time, but I’m also my biggest critic. I need to be 100% satisfied before I post anything on Instagram.
21. What’s the future of the influencing industry?
The influencing industry is huge as of now, as more and more people have taken to Instagram as a part of their lives. It’s a changing world though. In time more options will definitely come and something better and faster than Instagram will be there. Nevertheless people will continue to value and trust their favourite influencers .
22. Who is Prerna – The Infleuncer in one line?
Influencer Prerna – A girl who is following her passion for fashion and make up, and expressing her creativity.