With Poetic Author Carlos Luis – A Chit Chat Session

Poetry is a medium of expressing the inner feeling of your heart. Carlos Luis poetry and short stories will surely give you the chance to express you inner feelings better. How, when, why and where poetic author Carlos Luis was born- To know check out the recent chit chat session we had with him……

Carlos Luis Interview New

It a pleasure to have you on this platform ofIndiacafe24.com. Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.

Answer: It is my pleasure too, to be here, thanks for the opportunity.
Coming to my background I hail from Varca, Goa (The holiday destination for every dreamer). My devout parents instilled in me a sense of God and good attitudes of life, and I owe a lot of what I am today to them. I wasn’t for sure a born writer, meaning I never thought that I would be one as I am today. Writing came to me gradually as a means of expression of my deepest thoughts. I am presently studying (second year theology) for my priesthood with the Pallottines. I love to multitask and that is why you will see me blogging, freelancing for newspapers in and around Mysore, and participating in writing contests.

What did you think about different genres Novel and poems and its popularity in market? Which genre is your favorite and why?

Answer: Well Novels have their own specific impact onto the reader and it definitely has good market as compared to poetry. Poems are usually considered to be literature of the elite. Because of the complexity it entails in comprehension. But I love wording poetry because in it, I express my feelings more elaborately though at times I do not understand what I feel. When I express I don’t worry about market. I love writing short stories too because of the brevity it contains. Until now I have tried my hand in these genres, in the near future no idea what I may take on to.

You debut collection of poems and Short Stories recently launched on 26th January, 2016. So how you are feeling? What sort of feedback you are getting?

Answer: Yup, I am truly excited and happy about it. I have been receiving mails and facebook messages asking me on which platforms the book will be available. From the time this book release was announced I have received offers from various publications as well to work for them in their different projects. The book overall is receiving a lot of appreciation more so because I am a first generation writer. This will certainly be an inspiration to my friend circles and I am happy that I am the cause of the inspiration.


What are your New Year resolution for your debut work and your life?

Answer: First of all I would like to receive the opinion of my friends and critics regarding my debut venture and work upon the areas that I might have got to improve. I love doing that, as I always believe that I am still perfecting my incomplete self. Well this year is certainly going to be remarkable concerning writing as many book ideas are in the pipeline.

How you reacted when you saw your cover page of your debut work?

Answer: I was just spellbound, I felt like I was in the heavens. I was so excited that I started to share it with my friends trying to get their opinion about it and they were more excited then I was. Thanks to Ajitabh Bose for the lovely cover. He is truly the best in his work. This first book is going to be very memorable to me because everything happened as expected on time.

The conflict between the publishers andauthors is very common. Have you faced such problem while finding publisher for your book?

Answer: Yes, there was a bit of conflict more so because both of us had expectations different from each other. But then what was important was we came to an optimistic conclusion at the end of the arguments. Nevertheless I had sent my manuscript to approximately 5-6 publishers some of them discarded my manuscript at the first glance, but after repeated editing and improvisation it was Authors’ Ink Publication that finally came to my rescue and yes here I am an author with them.

Will insist you to give a sneak peak about your work.

Answer: Oh sure, it is a tiny collection of poems and short stories written at different times in my life. If you read them you are sure to connect with the way I think, as you will find traces of me in it. All of them literarily speak about the situations in and around us. The book is certainly inspirational, entertaining and enlivening.

When you first realized that you have the spark of becoming an author/poet?

Answer: When my first Short story titled ‘Twin Triumphs’ got published on ‘the Hindu’ newspaper. From then on I never looked back despite failures I kept on writing poems, short stories and articles for magazines, journals etc.

 What are your other passions in life?

Answer: I am also a debater and public speaker. Acting is also in my blood and singing is in my veins. I have also been a Master of Ceremonies umpteen number of times.

Who is the inspiration behind your talent?

Answer: I owe my inspiration to my parents who taught me to love, love myself, the people around me and the things I am entrusted with. Sometimes I consider that my inspiration lies also in the things that happen in my life. You know everyday is a miracle and as far my observation goes this miracle of life has given me new motivation to live a better life everyday.

Where you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Answer: I see myself making effort to complete myself and certainly in the process authoring books under different genres.

What next in pipeline and of what genre?

Answer: Next is a spiritual book titled ‘His Mercy Endures Forever’ (Tentative title) hope to make it see the light of the day sooner.

Define Carlos Luis the author/poet in one line?

Answer: I am a reflective, innovative and creative writer hoping to live a lasting impression onto my readers.