Namrata & Her Self Help Book – A Journey Of A Young Author

Namrata is a young talented girl who is engineer by profession and an author by passion. She penned down her first book in the form a E book. She joined us to share her story so far as an author.
Namrata interview
It a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.
Thanks a ton to to give me this platform. I cherish my readers, critiques and motivators. I hope that with this rendezvous they will know me a little more.
I belong to a middle class nuclear family. I was born and brought up in Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand. Although, excellent academic performance was something highest on my parents’ demand list, I could never stop myself from loving various forms of art. I did my schooling in The Pentecostal Assembly School, Bokaro, college in Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur and presently I work as a software developer at Tata Consultancy Services, Kolkata.
You started your journey with SELF HELP BOOK which is not uncommon but very rare. Why it’s not romance a popular genre?
I wrote the book with the sole purpose to gain back the control over my life, to share the special experience I had in my life. I want people who are undergoing a situation similar to that of mine to learn from my learning and lead a beautiful life. It had to be a Self-Help book as that is what came out naturally from my mind. That is what I can share with my audience, honestly. And I know that by doing so I must have added value to at least a single life.
Do you have any experience in your personal life which inspires you for a self-help book?
Yes, actually the book is a result of the great depression I went through due to my work life. I should rather say that it is an outcome of the belief within me that I can get out of a torturous feeling, constantly taking away control from me. I knew I had to get over my limiting beliefs and prove to myself that I still can bring a great change, accomplish whatever I decide. I learnt the methods that I shared in this book through various books and blogs. The book is a step by step description of what I learnt and implemented in my life to determine what was stopping me, eliminate those limiting beliefs and accomplish goals to bring a change.
What did you think about SELF HELP BOOK and its popularity in market?
I am a fan of Self-Help books. As I am 25 I understand what people of my age group go through. We are going through a phase when we start distinguishing between childhood dreams and reality. We see life in its true nature and mostly suffer from quarter life crisis. At this point of time we look for motivation to accomplish what we truly desire. Self-Help and motivational books help a lot in self-motivation. They add real value to our lives.
There are several very popular authors in the genre. They don’t just entertain but also shape minds and souls. Talking about popularity, who doesn’t know Dale Carnegie, Rhonda Byrne, Stephen R. Covey, Robin Sharma or Chicken soup series?
How u got addicted towards writing world?
Sorry for being dramatic but I am not addicted to writing. I find solace in writing. This is a way I feel complete. I started writing Hindi and English poems when I was in Primary school. I got motivation from winning in several essay and elocution competitions. My language teachers appreciated my writing skills. And after that I never stopped writing.
Say something about your journey in world of authors?
It’s difficult to write a book, mostly, when you struggle to find time out of your busy schedule. I mostly wrote articles and poems for my blog and some contests. Last year my article got the first place in Apeejay Kolkata literary festival. Also a short story got published in Tales to Tell by Bee Books. And a poem got published in Orange flame literary magazine. And then work life happened which inspired me to learn and write about it which took the form of ‘Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Reality’. I hope to write a many more.
Very recently your Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality got published. So how you are feeling? What sort of reviews you are getting?
Publishing it was a challenge I had set for myself. I had scheduled everything related to publish the book. I had to write, edit, proof read, get it reviewed from others, design cover page, format the book and then finally self-publish it. It was a huge effort. When I saw it live, I felt an immense joy of accomplishment. Nothing can be compared with that feeling. It’s a feeling of control and stability.
Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality By Namrata Kumari - Book ReviewTo read the Book Review Click here
Which chapter of your book is your favorite and why?
Chapter 3 – Reality is only Perception is my favourite one because it puts forth an idea which is the foundation of eliminating negative beliefs. Belief and disbelief, faith and doubts are complimentary but parallel. They co-exist. Until and unless you believe that the all the pre dominant negative beliefs in your mind might just be mere delusions, why would you take measures to eliminate them?
How you reacted when you saw your first review?
The first formal review was a positive one so it made me happy. I received one highly negative review as well. I embraced that too. If no one disagrees, then your content doesn’t stand for anything strong, it doesn’t shake any beliefs.
Why an E book and not a hard copy?
As the purpose was to spread the message and I had very less resources, I opted Amazon kindle self-publishing. Technology empowers. So much that you can become a self-proclaimed author. 😉 In future I might go for paid and supported publishing.
Do you feel that an E book can give a true reader that comfort and feel which a hard copy book provides?
If you stand at my place, most of my time is spent sitting in the office. E-books are the only things I can read very easily. I still prefer classic hardcovers or paperbacks but situation doesn’t allow me to read them. For today’s busy life E books can be the most revolutionary companions of everybody.
When you first realized that you have the spark of becoming an author?

When I realized that I have a strong content and a strong belief about something which can be written into a book.

What are your other passions in life?
I like coding, singing, painting. I am interested in traveling and public speaking.
What are your future plans?

To be able to live more and more in present and lead a happy life.

What next in pipeline and of what genre?

I have not planned anything as such yet. As of now, one can read my articles on my blog which are mostly motivational.

Define Namrata the author in one line?
I am a person same as everyone else, trying to make a positive change in her life along with that of others.