Looking for a story which speaks about the real love stories which happens in a contemporary style in India. Read Arranging Love, Contemporary way  BY POORNIMA DHIMAN. She joined us in this session to share her journey. Check out what she said……
1.    It a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background.
Thank you and it’s certainly a pleasure for me as well connecting with readers thru Indiacafe24.
I was born in a beautiful town called Dehradun in North India. It’s a beautiful, picturesque valley which is still very dear to my heart!
I’m a software consultant by profession and a daydreamer when I’m not working. Mostly lost in my reverie, spaced out in my own world and weaving a story in my mind. I’m also a true believer in karma — “You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.”
2. What do you think about Romantic Novel and its popularity in the market?
Romance novels are one of the most popular literary genres and I like reading romantic novels. What I really like about romantic stories is the fact that they make you feel so alive. Love is the very essential of human existence and the way they portray love makes you feel young inside. They mostly have an optimistic ending of the story which makes you hopeful in life for love, and hope is what keeps you going!
3. How writing came in your life?
Even as a kid, I used to weave stories and I started writing my journal when I was a teenager. In my school days, I used to participate in essay writings and debates. So, I always had a penchant for writing. I love writing short stories and back in 2011-2012, one of my short stories ‘Little Steps’ was published in ‘Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul: Celebrating Brothers & Sisters.’
4. Very recently your novel ” Arranging love, contemporary way!”  got published. So how you are feeling ? What sort of reviews you are getting?
It’s a dream come true for me, one of the happiest moments for me. Certainly, because it’s my debut novel but also because I feel so strongly about this subject. Thru this book, I’ve tried to throw light on the real picture of lopsided so-called modern Indian society especially when it comes to marriages. These days’ online matrimony portals are becoming very popular for Indian people to find their perfect matches, but a very few actually are aware of the real picture and challenges a girl faces in these portals. I have tried to showcase that in a lighthearted way with the elements of wit, humor, love, and sarcasm in my story!
I would call myself lucky for getting an overwhelming response to my debut novel. People are feeling a connect with the protagonist of the story “Ananya” and appreciating the storytelling, tone, language and natural flow of the story. They are finding it to bring out the emotions in a very thought provoking way.
When you get a review from someone that the story was so gripping that they stayed up the whole night to finish reading as they loved the story and feeling happy, sorry and also proud of the protagonist of the story is definitely a satisfying and a proud feeling for the writer.
5. Which character of the Novel is your favorite and why?
The protagonist of the story, Ananya. She is a character inspired by every young and independent woman who refuses to settle for less.  The character is so real that anyone can feel a connection to it at some level. She is an emotional yet a strong modern day woman.
6. How you reacted when you saw your first e-book copy of  debut Novel got sold on Amazon?
When I saw it live on the site I had tears in my eyes — Tears of joy! Definitely, a little anxiety was there too but it’s one of the most satisfying feelings when you see your project reaching to its completion, something you have worked hard for.
7. Why it’s an Ebook and not a print version?
I’m also working on getting a print version, hopefully, it should be out in a couple of months. But I feel a lot of people have started reading e-books now as well as getting an ebook is easier for readers. As the target audience for my book is Indian youth, they are very well versed and connected with the technology so it’s definitely a good medium to reach out to them.

arranging-love-contemporary-way-by-poonam-dhiman-a-book-reviewamazongoodreadsTo Read The review CLICK HERE

8. When you first realized that you have the spark of becoming an author?
After my short story got published,  it was like a dream for me to write a novel.  And as my mom always says — Dreams come true only when you dream! My family is my biggest support system and I’m so thankful to them for believing in me and motivating me to work on my dream.
9. What are your other passions in life?
I love to paint, mostly abstract. I’m also very curious by nature and love to explore and learn new things. I like traveling and meeting new people.
10. What are your future plans – how you want to see yourself?
I want to write more and do something where I can interact with more people, learn from them and explore new things together. One of the plans is to open a cafe where people can come and explore their creative side by doing painting, pottery, music or anything which makes them happy.
11.  Any more Novel we can expect from you in coming time?
Definitely, I haven’t started working on anything yet but have a few thoughts in my head. Whatever it would be, it would be something which readers would feel a connection with.
12. Define Poornima the author in One line?
Poornima Dhiman pours her emotions out in her words, she writes from her heart to reach out to her readers.