Arranging Love Contemporary Way By Poornima Dhiman – A Book Review

Arranging Love Contemporary Way By Poornima Dhiman – A Book Review


  • Publication Year: 2016

  • ISBN-13:  9781536567694

  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Pages: 173


  • Rating: 3.0 on 5

3-starsA few days ago I received the digital version of Arranging Love Contemporary Way by debutant author Poornima Dhiman. I was impressed by the painting of a young woman sitting in front of her laptop with a cup of beverage, which formed the cover page. From this I assumed that the book would narrate a modern age love story in which technology played an important role. However, I was wrong only about the love story even though, the story did revolve around a technology used extensively by the younger generation to find their perfect partner.
Ananya, and Arjun have been in a relationship for the past 3 years. However, one day, Ananya comes to know that Arjun does not intend to marry her at all as she is not deemed fit for him by his parents and their society. A heartbroken Ananya is devastated by this betrayal and it takes all her courage and more than a couple of months to overcome the same. She then moves to USA for working on a client project and once there registers on an Indian matrimonial site to find the perfect guy for her. However, is finding the right guy so easy and are Indian boys open minded enough to accept the unique individuality and past of Ananya?
Arranging Love highlights the struggles of a modern independent young woman in India trying to find the right partner. It also brings to fore the various taboos associated with arranged marriage especially for girls who have crossed a specific age. The language is simple with little grammatical errors, which is a great achievement for Poornima as a first time writer. However, the book focuses too much on the orthodox thinking of contemporary Indian men, who seek a wife only to bear kids and serve their parents. Overall, Arranging Love is a good book to read and I wish Poornima , all the best for her success.