Chit Chat Session with Author of “The Mind Game” Devika Das

This time we have with us Author Devika Das who penned down the self-improvement book ” The Mind Game”.  We interviewed her to know how she entered the industry and how this book happened.

1) Welcome, Devika Das. It a pleasure to have you on this platform of Our readers would surely want to have a sneak peak on your background. Kindly share a brief about you, your education and your family.
Ans: I hail from a Defence background with my education from Army School, Bangalore University (BA) and Army Institute of Management Kolkata (MBA)
2) Which Indian authors inspired you the most?
Ans: Ruskin Bond, Rabindranath Tagore, R K Narayan, Sudha Murthy, Jhumpa Lahiri
3) Share a few words about your latest book The MInd Game and how it happened
Ans: The Mind Game is a self-improvement book that talks about how to control your emotions and live in the present. I realized in 2016 that Stress/Depression is becoming a silent killer of the modern youth. We tend to chat online but do not believe in human interactions. This decline in expressing one’s emotions motivated me to write the book.

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4) Who is the one who for the first time noticed the spark in you to become an author?
Ans: My friends in Delhi
 5)  The conflict between the publishers and authors is very common. Have you faced such problem while finding a publisher for your books?
Ans: There were teething problems but now everything is sorted out and I have a very good equation with the publisher. No complaints.
 6) When you first realized that you can too be an author?
Ans: I still do not consider myself as an author even though I have published 3 books. I have to learn a lot.
7) What are your other passions in life?
Ans: Acting, Dance and Singing
8) What are your future plans – ?
Ans: I want to be a good human being and motivate people to find a positive attitude towards life.
9)  What next in pipeline and of what genre?
Ans: Two books are there – 1 Hindi Fiction novel and 1 Non Fiction
10) Define   Devika Das   the Author in 1 line the author in One line?
Ans: Passionate Writer | Deep Thinker | Artist