A Book Review Of The Mind Game By Devika Das

A Book Review Of The Mind Game By Devika Das


  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publications

  • Publication Year: 2018

  • ISBN-10: 9387996611

  • ISBN-13: 978-9387996618

  • Pages: 214

  • Rating: 3.5 on 5

I have reviewed quite a few motivational books and most of them generally focus on strengthening the mind and the spirit. However, The Mind Game by Devika Das deals with the topic in an entirely different manner. The title notwithstanding, the book focuses on the emotional aspects of human nature and how they can be controlled for enhanced motivation. The cover page of the book has been aptly designed to match the title in a simple manner.
Most people feel that the busy and hectic lifestyle they lead today leaves them with little time to pay attention to their emotions. Little do they realize that their emotions dominate their actions in far deeper ways than they think possible and this in turn defines their happiness and future. The book helps the readers to understand the best ways to understand their emotions and then effectively control them in a positive manner. It teaches the readers to master and manage their emotions in a proper and disciplined way. The primary objective of the book is to help the readers get rid of the negative aspects of their emotions and live a happier and successful life.
The Mind Game has been written in a manner that tends to generate the interest of the readers from the word go. The book is divided into various sections which establish a set pathway for the readers to understand their emotions and control them. The book is effective as both for casual and academic reading. The author has put in a lot of research and this is apparent from the immense knowledge that the book offers. However, the major highlights of the book come in the form of small bits and pieces of everyday wisdom which makes it possible for the readers to learn in a better manner. I wish Devika all the best for the success of this book.

I got the book as a part of the review program in Outset”