Blogchatter Author Interview Series- Tarang Sinha

Tarang Sinha

Tarang Sinha is a bilingual writer, translator (Don’t You Quit, published by Westland Books; Sardar: the Game Changer by Geeta Manek) and a self-taught painter. Her articles and stories have been published in Juggernaut Books, Good Housekeeping India, Child India, The Hindu, Woman’s Era and New Woman.

She writes for a popular radio show ‘Yaadon Ka Idiot Box’ with Neelesh Misra.

She is the author of ‘We Will Meet Again’. She blogs @

Hi Tarang, congrats for being a part of the Blogchatter Thriller anthology. What you would like to say about the genre Thriller?

A1: Thank you so much, Samata.

Thrillers, as a writer, are not really my forte, however I really enjoy reading them. Especially psychological thrillers.

One Night–  How did this plot come to your mind?  Any real-life experience encouraged you to write this story?

A2: It was the result of an intuitive writing session. There was a dialogue that I used as a prompt, and then I went with the flow. I had written it in Hindi. I translated my own (unpublished) Hindi story into English for Blogchatter Anthology.

What are the elements of thriller you consider a must for every thriller story?

A3: I like the psychological tension it builds. It should be fast paced and on point. And it’s important to feel for the characters to stay hooked till the end (this is for any genre).

The Ghost in your story , I loved her… any reason behind making such a sensitive and goodwill ghost?

A4: As I mentioned earlier, it was an intuitive process, so I didn’t really know or outline my story. It just happened. I completed the first draft in one sitting.

How did writing come into your life?

A5: Just like that. I never thought I could be a writer. However, I have always been an avid reader. So maybe that prompted me to write. I wrote something many years ago and since I was an avid magazine reader back then, I sent it to a magazine. I was pleasantly surprised when it got published. It was a wonderful feeling to see my name in print. My published pieces motivated me to write more.

What tips do you wish to give to budding authors?

A6: Don’t seek perfection in your first draft. You can always change/revise/edit. Read; just a few pages, maybe, but read every day. And write, because no writing tip is going to help if you don’t write regularly. Writing plus reading can teach you more than any creative writing course.

Who is your favorite thriller author?

A7: Keigo Higashino is a wonderful storyteller. I really liked ‘Missing Presumed Dead’ and ‘More Things in Heaven and Earth’ written by Kiran Manral. Sulari Gentill for her unique, fascinating plots. Madhulika Liddle for her excellent writing and dark/twisted plots (from her short stories collection ‘Woman to Woman’ and ‘My Lawfully Wedded Husband’).

What are your other passions in life?

A8: I love reading. And I am a self taught acrylic painter.

Is thriller your first love in writing or is it different? What genre of writing do you love the most and why?

A9: I wish it was, but as I said writing thrillers is not my forte. I write horror sometimes. I enjoy writing love stories.

How do you rate yourself as a writer?