Blogchatter Author Interview Series-Anuradha Shetty

Anuradha Shetty

Anuradha Shetty is a business management graduate, Life Coach, Career Coach, and content writer who has been a firm believer that words are empowering. She teaches Creative writing and Vedic Maths to many kids in Bahrain. She likes to write about emotions and empathy.

Her core belief is to motivate others to become more resilient to the emotional ups and downs in their life. She has self-published two books We Are All Little Broken on Amazon Kindle and Falling  Down BlogChatter. She has co-authored one anthology in the horror category. You can Follow on here on Twitter @anuradhashett16

1. Hello Anuradha, a hearty congratulations to you for your story published in this Blogchatter anthology? What place thrillers hold in your life?

A: Thank you so much Indiacafe24. As a teenager also up until now,  I loved watching Psychological thriller movies.Although I have read very few horror based novels . I feel that visual thrillers have more effect than novels.

2. You are an already published author. What is your favorite format: short stories or novels…. when it comes to writing?

A: I am now inclined to short stories. Currently I am working on writing a shorties collection for teens. Although my love for reading begin with Novels when I was in grade 12. So I love novel writing I think it requires a lot of character building. It is a definitely special skill.

3. ” The Last Rasam” your story- what’s the story behind this plot? Is any incident of real life involved or is it an absolute imagination?

A: The incident of swallowing pills actually occurred with my father in law and the Kali temple incident also, other characters and the story is a fictional plot I build around my father in law’s experience.

4. What makes a good thriller as per you?

A: As per me good thriller has less characters and more use of brilliant words for sound. Because a thriller should raise your heart beat. It must force the reader to complete the book in one go.

5. What are your other passions in life?

A: Mathematics and coaching. I am a life and career coach. Even though I take limited sessions, Each of my students’ parents have told me it is unfair that I am not making myself accessible to everyone. I believe, if I make it a commercial business it looks fake and money oriented. I think when people come with reference, the universe has aligned me to help them. So the career and life coaching is purely a passion and is growing very slowly on me.

6. What tips do you wish to give to budding authors?

A: I came to writing to make it a full time career. I am struggling to keep it going. To budding authors I would say, It is a long long long journey, so be resilient to each failure if you really want to become a bestselling author. There is no shortcut to becoming the best author.

7. Other than thrillers, what genres do you love to write and read?

A: Historical Fiction, Philosophical Fiction, Real stories based on survival, self help ( Non- fiction), psychological fiction.

8. Who are your favorite writers?

A: Preeti Shenoy, Thibaut Meurisse, Heather Morris, Sudha Murthy, Kristin Harmel, Jeffry Deaver

9. How many days did it take to write The Last Rasam?

A: Usually when I start writing, I just write until I finish. This short Story The Last Rasam  took 6 hours.

10.  How do you rate yourself as a writer?

A: I guess I am very critical of myself, that is one of the reasons I give up most times. Your review was very motivating and has given me some hope. I give myself ⅗ . I am still a very amateur writer.

Thank You Samata  for your time and effort. People like you are keeping the budding authors’ dream alive of becoming a best author one day.