Growing Up Gracefully By Sumita Bose- A Guide book for the young generation  

Growing Up Gracefully By Sumita Bose- A Guide book for the young generation  


Sex- the word itself makes anyone feel embarrassed or uneasy even today when we call ourselves highly educated and modern. But sex education is now the need of the hour keeping in mind the number of cases getting reported of sexual abuse, rape, and bullying across the globe. Even today, the number of reported cases is much below the actual number of cases.

Child rapes and sexual bullying are now the maximum. Sadly, the majority of such cases were found to be sexually abused by someone very known to them, and they failed to alert the parents. What can we do to help our younger generation grow up gracefully with timely identification and reporting of sexual harassment to parents? sex education is the only way that can prove beneficial for our younger generations’ future.

We need to be positive about our views and opinions about sex education. Sumita Bose, as an author, is not new to me. I read most of her books, and each one is a gem. This time, she came up with another important subject in her book, and that is sex education. Growing Up Gracefully – A Girl’s Guide to sex education is a book that author Sumita Bose penned to educate young girls about sex. 

What does this book offer?

The book is divided into 9 broad chapters in addition to a glossary and some interesting facts. Each chapter talks about a specific subject of sex. The 1st chapter titled GENDER and SEX… talks about the difference between sex and gender, role identification, and the factors that help in determining sexual orientation. The 2nd chapter talks about puberty which talks about the bodily developments that happen for a girl and what are the reasons behind the same. 3rd chapter is dedicated to Breast development and talks about the causes behind the growth of breasts when and what size of bra one should wear and various other aspects surrounding breast development. Coming to the 4th chapter talks about the Reproductive system, which is indeed a vital topic to discuss with young adults.

The 5th chapter is on mensuration. It discusses the myths about periods and also about the hygiene and sanitary products we use on these days of the month. 6th chapter is on feelings and love. The chapter is dedicated to discussing causes of attraction, characteristics of love and emotion, and ways to identify if one is in love or not. The 7th chapter is on personal grooming and why it is important. Where and how to report sexual offenses and abuse is also mentioned in this chapter. Teenage pregnancy is the dedicated topic for chapter 8. It talks at length about dating, hanging out, the urge for sexual relations in adolescence, and much more. The 9th chapter is one of the most important ones in this book and talks about internet safety. It talks about the digital footprint, pornography, IT threats, and also etiquette of using the internet. Every chapter ends with an activity to help you understand the level of learning on the topic.

What did I like about the book?

A. The style of explaining such a serious topic with so much simplicity I found as the key USP of this book

B. The information that is shared in this book will help girls understand the subject with grace and easiness

C. The activities segment of each chapter in the book is my favorite. It will help in an even better understanding of the subject

D. Another key chapter in this book is Amazing Facts. Many things are well described in this chapter. I loved it

E. The glossary section is one of the best segments of the book which will clear the real meaning of the many medical and physical terms.

Who should read the book?

For sure the book is a guidebook for the girls to grow up gracefully, and so they are the ones who should read it. I don’t have a daughter but a son, as a parent, I wish to make my son read this book once he attains a decent age. When future men of the nation understand future women and respect them, it will be safer and more supportive surrounding for females. Even parents of young girls should also read it, and sex education is a must in today’s time.

Final verdict

I strongly recommend this book for all to read. It is a must-read book for girls and boys to ensure the future is better for them. I give it a rating of 5 out of 5.

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