Being Filmy Behind The Lens- Ajitabha Bose

Passion and determination if clubbed together gives birth to Dreams. Its was the dream of a young guy from Jamshedpur to be creative and launch his very own Brand. His strong determination give birth to Film Maker, Editor, Entrepreneur and last but not the least a writer. Presenting the dashing and creative Ajitabha Bose.

Poster 14 July 2015

1) Welcome to Its a great opportunity for us to present  a talented Film Maker like you. It will be wrong to say that you are only a film maker – There are other shades in your talent pool. Mr. Ajitabha please introduce you to our readers?

My name is Ajitabha Bose. I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I moved to Delhi for my further education. I completed my graduation in journalism and mass communication from IMS, Ghaziabad. I came to lime light with the release of first official video of “Tune Mere Jaana”. I love writing blogs, short stories, novels and cooking in my leisure times.

2) How is the journey so far as a film maker?


Shooting The Sequence

It has been a wonderful journey. I have enjoyed every day of my film making life. Since childhood days, I wanted to be in films. Honestly speaking never thought of such a success. It’s not only my efforts; rather it’s my entire team’s effort which has made this dream come true. It feels wonderful to walk with this success.

3) Being a student of Journalism how you diverted towards filming? Whats the story behind it?


Discussing the scene

I would like to thank my friends, teachers and above all my parents who appreciated and supported me every time I released a new video or a documentary. I think it was 4 years back, when I for the first time, took my digital camera and started shooting anonymously. Everyone started appreciating the project I made. These appreciations motivated me a lot. I soon started making short documentaries, then moved to video songs and then to short films and ads as well. Day by day with the help of my wonderful team, we were expanding and becoming better.

4) What was the reaction of your parents in special when you decided  to go for you own made career path and not in any role of a well reputed company?


The Busy team of Ajitabha

My family has always been in this genre. My grandfather was indulged in plays and skits, which my father further took it ahead. My father, Mr. Amitava Bose is a theatre actor and director who has done over ton shows in all over the nation. It wasn’t a difficult job after all, you see.

5) Bose Documentaries Ltd: Your dream – How it happened and who are the ones you supported you in your dream making?

KK poster final copyKabhi Kabhi Poster

I started my journey of film making since I was a child. I use to make small videos from my phone and edit them in windows movie maker. I guess I was in college when the BDL thing began. I made a short documentary and showed it to everyone.

Watch: Kabhi Kabhi

Rajshree mam, my HOD had motivated me to make this documentary. Everyone liked my work which duly motivated me to work further. My friends, teachers and my parents always supported me to fulfill the dream I am living today.

6) Which was your first film and what was the story?

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Busy in shoot

My first film was DREAMS. It was based on poverty. It was based on how poor people also have dreams but they aren’t able to fulfill it because of the lack of money.

7) What are the topics or rather say subject on which you love to work for making films?

I have worked on almost every genre, but I do prefer Love genre. I like making love songs because love is an emotion which touches every heart and thus I can connect to everyone.


Poster of Maahiya

8) As we know that  you do ad films too, so what are the brands for which you worked so far and as per you which one is so far your best project in advertisement segment?

Watch: Maahiya

I have worked for more than 50 brands till date which includes Google, Hindustan Times, Amazon India and Steller. Working for Google was a complete different experience for me. It was an advertisement for women safety in India.

9)  Nothing comes easily to anyone’s life, so what are the obstacles you faced in your journey and what qualities in you helped in overcoming such obstructions?

Yes, we always have good days and some bad days. In earlier days, I faced a lot of problems in financing a video song. Once, I literally sold my phone for financing one of my video. I also took tuitions for funding my videos. But I always dreamt of being successful one day and this kept me running.


Shoot Shoot Shoot

10) About Video songs making-  How you actually plan to picturize the emotion of a song? The singers  work with you to decide the set of the shooting of video songs?

The picturization of the video completely depends on the song. Today we make songs for masses. Usually my team decides the locations in consult with the producers. The location depends on the story and the feel of the song we are shooting.

DSC_0050Editing scene

11) Wedding films- Is one of the specific services which your branded company is offering. What makes your service different from the other organizations and agencies offering the same service?

Oh yes, the wedding film! I can proudly say that we are among the very few wedding film makers in Northern India. We make special efforts on making this film as an original film and not just a traditional wedding video. We give storyline and make it worth watching for everyone.

12) BDL- is official YouTube partners – How this profile helped in the growth of BDL?

A portion of BDL’s earning comes from YouTube. In short I would quote, “Every time someone watches our video on YouTube, we get paid!”


Poster of The Mystery

13) When you make the selections of the star casts for your films what are the key qualities you look for in an actor/Actress?

Watch: The last Night

We are a genuine production house. We never charge for anything. I and my team believe that if some has that caliber and that talent in them, we will give them a platform to showcase it.

14) Ajitabh, you are also a writer now, so say something about your anthology “The Untold Love stories”?

“The Untold Love stories” is my 4th published work. After writing 3 short stories, I decide to edit an anthology where I can help some budding writers to publish their dreams. The Untold Love stories have 10 heartwarming and heartbreaking love stories. This anthology has touched many hearts throughout the nation.

tuls bk cvr copy

15) Its seems love and Romance are key factors which we can in every work of yours. Whats the definition of Love & Romance in your life?

I believe that love is one of the most beautiful expression and emotion that humans are blessed with thus I try to incorporate it in most of my works be it my video songs or write-ups.


Perfect shot search

16) What are your other passions in life?

Apart from film making and writing, I am professional graphic designer, a national level painter, a district level sportsman. I love cooking and trying new dishes.

17) What is your team size in BDL?

I won’t say team but I have a huge family which includes asst. directors, photographers, editors, cinematographers, writers and management staffs.


Arrangement for the perfect shot

18) Any plan in mind for a Bollywood movie making?

Provided that I get opportunity, I will definitely love to make one. It’s my dream to cast Shah Rukh Khan one day. I believe everything has a time and I assure my well wishers that in mere future I will definitely make a Bollywood movie.

skjd (71) copyWhats Up!!!!!!!!!

19) Where you see Ajitabha Bose and BDL– 5 years down the line?

5 year down the line, I see me and my production house making a big banner Bollywood film (probably with Shah Rukh Khan).

IMG_0002I want the perfect shot

20) Who is your favorite- Ajitabha Bose – The Writer, The director, The Editor or the Entrepreneur and why?

Ajitabha Bose – The Editor, because editing has always been my strength in film making. Apart from this, being an owner of a company always feels wonderful.

tmjPoster: Tune Mere Jaana

21) Define Ajitabha Bose as a person in one line?

Ajitabha Bose is hardworking, creative and an extremely workaholic person!