Happy Birthday To Facebook….. A Journey of 12 years

Happy Birthday To Facebook…..

 faceook birthday
Yes, Facebook turned 12 this year on 4th of February. This superpower company of the social media world believes in the fact that the achieved milestone not only about this tech firm , but also about the friendship it managed to build with its more than 1.59 million users across globe. Mark Zuckerberg, being the CEO of this amazing company decided to declare this date with a new name ‘’Friends Day”.
Users of FB will get the chance to see special personalized video just for them which will take them on a tour to watch out the journey in which there will be highlights  of the memories with their friends. Options for editing as well as sharing will be there in this special video. This is not only the end of Birthday celebration of our favorite Facebook and there is lot more.
Special stickers are released which are featuring cartoon characters in playing mood, hugging as well as in celebratory mood. Users in maximum number will get to see the video right at the top of their profile page by noon.
Facebook gave a new meaning to the world of friendship by introducing Friends day on 4th Feb,2016.