SARS COVID- 19: Facts, Precautions, and Myths

SARS COVID- 19: facts, precautions, and myths

The present world is facing the threat of COVID- 19 and it is the new strain of SARS COV -2. Earlier this virus was not identified or better to say people were not aware of it. To date around 167 countries are fighting with this epidemic and WHO is constantly making people concerned about this virus.

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 could reappear if it follows the pattern of the Sars outbreak. Photo: AFP

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Source of coronavirus:

This virus, in general, flows between living beings mainly between humans. The natural host of this virus is the bat.

How it is similar to SARS:

COVID-19 known as novel coronavirus is closely related to SARS Cov-1. It made its presence felt at the end of the year 2002 in China. Almost 33 countries came under the attack of this virus and around 8000 cases were found. But the novel coronavirus outbreak turned out to be a global epidemic. This disease has mainly spread all over Europe, Asia, and North America, Norway, Iceland, etc. The total number of infected people has crossed lakh and the number of death cases is also rising simultaneously. This transmissible influenza is transmitting from human to human and hence proper precautions are required to be taken. Well, the mortality rate for coronavirus is quite lower than that of SARS in 2003.

Mode of transmission:

Coronavirus is mainly spread from person to person and no proper epidemiological information found to date. Hence, it is advised to take proper precautionary measures so that people can remain safe. Any infected person can spread the infection among others, he/she comes in contact with. While people sneeze or cough or breathe out, the virus spread through the respiratory droplets. Infected patients are advised to stay in isolation for 14 days as this is the stage where we can understand whether the virus can spread from the human body or not.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

Do not panic and must understand the symptoms of COVID 19. Once you experience symptoms like fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle pain, and tiredness, you are recommended to visit the doctor for a checkup.

Preventive measures:

Washing hands


In this age of smartphones, information is easily available and one should search the precautionary measures to be taken to stay safe from getting infected. This virus mainly transmits to your body via eyes or nose or mouth. So, never touch face, eyes or mouth with unwashed hands.
All should make it mandatory to wash their hand with soap water or hand wash for at least 20 seconds. Alcoholic sanitizers are recommended for use to keep hands germ free. Maintenance of distance at least 1 meter or more from the infected people is recommended.

Avoid myths:

Different types of myths related to coronavirus are being spread through various social networking sites. Some of these are:
  1. Wearing masks can keep one safe from COVID 19: There is no such proof. Masks are only for infected people and for those who are taking care of the patients.
  2. A hot water shower prevents COVID-19 infection: There is no such proof that by taking hot water bath, one can keep himself safe from Coronavirus
  3. Mosquito bites can spread this virus: In no-way, coronavirus can be transmitted via mosquito bites.
  4. Spraying alcohol or chlorine on the body will destroy the virus: Hand sanitizers having alcohol as an ingredient is good to use but one should not use alcohol directly on the body. It will harm you.
  5. The thermal scanners are the best to detect COVID 19: This device is used just to detect the temperature of the body.
Stay protected and safe, and say NO to CORONA VIRUS