Preventive For Running Nose In Winter

Preventive For Running Nose In Winter

running nose

With the level of mercury fallen, the most common thing that we see is people with running nose. We cannot help the temperature from falling but what we can do is prevent ourselves from getting sick. Here are few things you can do to prevent the running nose during winters.

woollen scarf

  • With the help of a woollen scarf, you should cover your nose and mouth so that the direct cold air is not causing any damage while you breathe. Also, it will make a shield between your nose and mouth and the chilling air. When you breathe through the scarf it will let the warm air from your nose and create moisture so that the sinus area of your face will not have to secrete extra moisture. It will prevent from running nose.

saline nasal spray

  • You should use the saline nasal spray so that the nasal chamber is moist. It will stop the nasal glands from secreting extra mucus. There are many medicated sprays available in chemist stores. You can use it during winter.

Chewing raw garlic

  • Chewing raw garlic is another great way to prevent running nose. However it is not a delicious treat to the taste buds but it has great effect when it comes to cure of running nose. If you still cannot chew it, you can crush it and use it as a topping on food. You can try making garlic bread or use it on pizza topping and if you are fond of salads, crushed garlic can add flavours to your salad dressing.

drop of Mustard Oil in each nostril

  • Another home remedy to get rid of running nose is putting a drop of Mustard Oil in each nostril. This is a tried and tested method popular in many countries.

Inhaling Eucalyptus Oil


  • Inhaling Eucalyptus Oil helps a lot in clearing the obstacles of the nasal chamber and it works in preventing running nose.