What Should Be Our Daily Water Intake?

Nutritionists are of the view that one should calculate water intake based on the type of lifestyle he/she leads

Around 60% of our body is chemically composed of water. Water is considered as a detoxifier which is naturally found. However, there is a lot speculation on “how much water should a person regularly consume”. The popular theory regarding the amount of water intake is that we should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

Different nutritionists have different take on this subject. Some nutritionists are of the view that we should drink around 12 to 14 glasses of fluid every day. This means that it does not have necessarily be water which you should consume the whole day. You can have fresh fruit juices, lime water, tender-coconut water, or even buttermilk to satiate your body’s regular need of water/fluid.

While some diet experts opine that one should intake water/fluid depending on the lifestyle he/she deals in.

Drinking Water As Per Your Lifestyle:

Baby water

Your lifestyle is a key factor in determining the volume of fluid/water you should consume each day. If you happen to lead a sedentary style of living in working for hours under AC then you should not take fluids measuring more than two or two and half liters every day. The calculation is pretty simple;

If you are under circumstances where there is no scope for you to sweat, thereby, leading to no water loss from your body then unnecessary indulging in gallons of water intake shall cause the excess fluid to get stored in your Kidney, ultimately leading to a condition called Edema.

So, while bringing all the speculations to an end, your water intake should be equal (or slightly be on the higher) to the amount of water your body have lost. Be it in summer or be it after a workout session, consume water keeping in the mind the proportion stated above.

“Your fluid intake should be equal to the water lost from your body”

And for “no water loss”

2-2.5 liters of fluid per day is enough to sustain you and your body.