Unknown Facts To Know About Hilsa Fish

Unknown facts to know about Hilsa Fish – The Emotion of Bengali Fish Lovers

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Hisla Fish - Facts and knowledge
Bengalis are absolute Fish Lovers. The particular community has always considered Hilsa Fish their most adorable cuisine for several decades. Be it a family get-together or; an occasion, Bengalis love to keep at least one dish of Hilsa Fish. Hilsa fishes are also found in large numbers in Bangladesh. In India, the fish flows through the river Ganga from the Bay Of Bengal. Padma (Padma River) Ilish tastes the best.

The popularity of Hilsa in Other Cities and Nations

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What history narrates about Hilsa fish?

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Indian history narrates that Hilsa became famous among fish lovers much before Bengalis considered picking it as their darling fish. Hilsa was called the “King of Fish” or Matsyaraja in ancient times. Hilsa is the National Fish of Bangladesh. 

Current Production Status of Hilsa

Currently, 11 countries produce Hilsa fish. The countries are India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Thailand, Kuwait, Bahrain, & Indonesia. Among them, Bangladesh tops the chart in sourcing the highest quantity of Hilsa fish. 

Largest Hilsa: Where was it found?

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The average-sized Hilsa can be from 50cm to 3 kg. In Myanmar, the average Hilsa fish weight measures between 300 gms to 500 gms. But it’s surprising that the biggest Hilsa fish ever caught is 614 mm long and 614 mm wide. The weight of the biggest Hilsa was 4250 gms. The largest Hilsa got sourced from Tapti Estuary, Gujarat.

The Avatar: Hilsa in Indian Mythology

The Indian mythology claims that Lord Vishnu’s first Avatar was “Matsya Avatar.” He appeared in this Avatar to save people from a devastating flood. Many feel that the Avatar was the form of Hilsa fish as per the description mentioned in the mythology. 

Health Benefits Of Hilsa Fish: 

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Health professionals often mention that Hilsa Fish comes with all necessary health benefits. The fish is rich in protein, calcium, Omega-3, and fatty acid. 
Omega-3 fatty acid helps in reducing coronary heart disease. Eating Hilsa fish will give your body the necessary nourishment.  This fish is a monsoon fish and is expensive. Buy your favorite Ilish today.
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