Benefits Of Consuming Omega 3 Eggs

Eggs are increasingly becoming a preferred choice of people seeking a healthy and nutritious food item. This is especially true in the light of recent researches that have proven that eggs with a rich Omega 3 content can actually provide various health benefits.

These eggs are obtained from hens, whose diet includes Omega 3 enhancing nutrients such as flaxseed and marine algae. Given below are some of the important health benefits offered by these Omega 3 enriched eggs.

  • The yolk of Omega 3 enriched eggs can actually help to reduce cholesterol and thus prevent the hardening and narrowing of arteries which is a major cause of heart attack, stroke, dementia and other serious ailments.

  • They help in improving heart health in a considerable manner by lowering blood pressure and minimizing the chances of creation of blood clots and blockage of arteries and veins in legs and kidneys.

  • They are more nutritious than the regular eggs as they contain 1/3 less saturated fats and high quantities of DHA and Vitamin E.

  • The Omega 3 enriched eggs are known to contain high levels of ALA(Alpha-linolenic acid), which plays a vital role in preventing diseases such as breast cancer and depression besides helping reduce menstrual pain.

Today, there are several brands of Omega 3 eggs available in the market. However, consumers need to make sure that they choose the right brand that offers the benefits of all the necessary nutrients. As such it is advisable to choose the brand that offers a complete detail of the various nutrients that can be found in their eggs and especially the level of Omega 3.

Consumers should also remember that organic eggs are more expensive than regular eggs and might not be readily available at the nearest departmental store. However, they can choose to order these eggs online as most brands offer this service to help their product reach a wider section of people.