May’s Special Coverage On The Occasion Of Mother’s Day

M for Mother

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A Child asked his father: “What is a man?” the father replied, “A person who takes responsibility for his family and his house and takes care of them”.

Then the child said. “I hope I will be a man like MOM one day”.

In India Café24 today we shall have a special edition covering the Mother’s day worldwide. However, guys if you are expecting to come across any prologs regarding Mother’s Day then I am afraid, you are not on the right page! We mean, come on guys, Wikipedia can tell you all the history related to Mother’s Day! We are here today, to just pay our tribute, respect and show our love to our “Mommy Dear”.

We ponder, get sad, even get depress to a certain level if our romantic partner or as a matter of fact, even a friend fail to appreciate our love for them, the efforts we have put in building up the relationship, the concern and care we show them and petty things like that. But how often do we appreciate our mothers for the thankless job she has been impeccably performing for years put together? Ever came to think of how she might be feeling when we yell at her on the slightest pretext?

Guys! It is never too late for redemption! She is the nucleus of our whole existence. She kept us comfortable in her womb for 9 long months in addition to the years we have been spending walking on this earth. During the period of her pregnancy, her body went through series of changes and transformations. Medically, only a woman that too when she is carrying can only sustain and survive these transitions, any other person would have died if his/her body went through these changes on any given time.

Let us hold hands this Mother’s Day and for once, in our lives let us make this day a never fading one for the loveliest person on the earth, Maa.

Start the Mother’s Day by making a bed-tea and breakfast for her. Wake her up from the bed and serve it. Trust me on this, no matter how awful your breakfast and tea tastes, she will put on her best smile and appreciate you. She will hungrily dig into the food as if she has never tasted anything so good before. Now, this is Maa! Our mothers do not expect us to buy them good, expensive gifts. They want us to understand and acknowledge their roles in our lives. They want us to hear them.

So, for a change, do not buy them any gifts this time, rather share her household chores. Make an appointment for her in a massage and spa salon; this will definitely give her a much deserved relaxation. Collect all the pictures you can get hold of where your mother is getting married to your Poppy dear and also, do not forget those pictures where your mother has you in her arms. Make a small scrap book for her filled with these reminders and memories. Your mother shall be the happiest person on the earth, as her whole world revolves around you and your father. Watch one of her favourite movies with her in home itself. For once, hear all her concerns, complains regarding you and your life as she is the only one who shall have the best intentions for you in her heart. Let her vent her feelings out even if it is for a single day because I am sure very few among us shall be able to do this on a regular basis (pun intended)!

Folks! Let us put an effort on this Mother’s Day to bring a million dollar smile on the face of the person who has made us smile on countless occasions. Please share your story on how you made this Mother’s Day special for your mother and helped her find her lost childlike smile with Indiacafe24.

Special Tribute by the author  of this content, Utsava Dutta to her Mother

Penned down the article remembering the fond memories of my mother, Mrs.Sukla Dutta. “Mom, I have always loved you even if I could not convey that to you”.