Hug Day – The Day Of Asserting Love And Care

Hug Day – The Day Of Asserting Love And Care

Hug Day

The sixth day of the Valentine week is celebrated as the Hug day. It is the day when lovers when lovers express their care and attention for their beloved by hugging them. Boys and girls hug each other frequently to provide an assurance of trust and commitment to their beloved and also to make them realize that they truly want to spend the rest of their lives together.
In addition to being an integral aspect of a love, hugs are also considered important in a scientific manner. The act of hugging releases a chemical within the body of the participants, which helps in enhancing their sense of trust towards each other. So, contrary to what most people think, hugs actually help in improving the sense of dependency and loyalty within a relationship.
So as you cuddle your beloved on this Hug day, be sure to do so with all your heart as it will assure him/her of your eternal love and care. And don’t just stop at one hug but do take the comfort level of your partner into consideration to make your relationship flourish.

A hug from you my love

Means the word to me you see

Being engulfed in your embrace

I am free from worries till eternity!!!