Here’s How To Wear The Cherry Coke Hair Color Everyone’s Talking About!

Here’s How To Wear The Cherry Coke Hair Color Everyone’s Talking About!

If you are tired of your natural hair color and want to spice up your hair color game, try Cherry Coke hair color, which has been creating ripples in the beauty industry. Do you want to be a part of this nostalgic Cherry Coke hair color trend? This multifaceted and captivating shade combines deep red undertones and subtle brown nuances to create a mesmerizing appearance. Cherry Coke is a great option for brunettes who want to add depth and vibrancy to their hair or for red-haired individuals looking to try a darker shade.

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How to achieve the iconic Cherry Coke hair color of your dreams? We have mellowed down things to make it easier for you. You can achieve this mesmerizing hair color of your dreams by mixing Anveya Colorisma’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color, available in the shade Madrid Red with brown hair dye.

This blog will explore the intricacies and methods of achieving this stunning color. It will also provide styling tips for those who want to flaunt it confidently.

Wear Cherry Coke Hair Color With Colorisma

The name ‘Cherry Coke’ is due to its striking similarity with the deep velvety color of the famous Coke. Mix Anveya Colorisma’s Madrid Red hair color with brown hair dye for this vibrant color. The flattering hair color in the red shade  gives the hair a rich, vibrant color, while the brown color creates a delicate balance and enhances its natural tone. This skillful fusion manifests in a vibrant red and brown fusion, radiating warmth. Follow these easy steps to master the art of achieving Cherry Coke hair color from the comfort of your home. But before we jump into the hair coloring process, let’s gather the required tools and products for coloring hair as per the latest hair color trend.

All you need,

a. Anveya Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color in the shade – Madrid Red

b. Brown Semi-Permanent Hair Color

c. Mixing Bowl

d. Pair of Gloves

e. 1 Brush

f. Few Hair Clips For Sectioning Hair

g. Shower Cap

1. Prep Your Hair

Before applying any semi-permanent hair color, you have to pre-lighten your hair color. Prep your hair with clarifying shampoo to purge your hair of any product residue. Ensure that your hair is dry before applying a semi-permanent hair color.

2. Mix Brown & Madrid Red Semi-Permanent Hair Color In Equal Proportion

Don’t forget to apply gloves before you start off with the hair coloring process. Divide your hair in small sections and secure it with hair clips. To get the iconic Cherry Coke hair color, you need to customize the shade by mixing brown and Madrid Red semi-permanent hair color in a mixing bowl, in the correct proportion. Mix it well and apply evenly with a hair brush, taking each small  section of hair at a time. Saturate your hair completely with the product.

3. Let It Rest

Cover your head with a shower cap and leave it for 25-30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo and apply a conditioner.

Now, you are ready to slay the ravishing Cherry Coke hair color in style. With Cherry Coke, you have endless possibilities. You can choose to go for a highlight, lowlight, balayage or global hair color. Irrespective of the skin tone and texture of your hair, Cherry Coke hair color gives a phenomenal look to everyone.  Depending upon your natural hair color, you may get varying shades of Cherry Coke hair color. The Cherry Coke shade you get may differ from person to person, depending upon the natural hair color. You will get bright, vibrant cherry-colored hair if your hair is pre-lightened.

Some Looks For Your Inspo

Check out some amazing Cherry Coke hair color ideas.

1. Global Hair Color With Cherry Coke

If you want to change your natural hair color completely, you can opt for a global hair color with Cherry Coke.

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2. Highlights With Cherry Coke

Cherry coke highlights infuse the hair with a deep cola-inspired shade that compliments the brown hair. You can also create lowlights with cherry coke hair color, creating an alluring effect.

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3. Balayage With Cherry Red

Balayage with Cherry Coke hair color adds a touch of subtle, sultry sophistication to brown hair color.

Whether you want to add a subtle hue or go for a badass look, cherry coke hair color is for you. Cherry coke hair color compliments men and women equally. You can create unlimited new looks. You will fall in love with its changing color effect when in light, from red to dark purple to a chocolate brown-purple rich shade.

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Cherry Coke Hair Color For Curly Girlies

Are you ready to take your curls to the next level with cherry coke hair color? Cherry coke color enhances the charisma of your long luscious curls, creating a perfect balance of vibrancy and sultriness.

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Frequently Answered Questions

Does Cherry Coke Hair Color Need Bleach?

Experts say cherry coke hair color works best on medium to light brown hair color. If your natural hair color is brown, then bleach is not required. However, for deeper or dark-haired people, you may be required to bleach your hair to attain the vibrant and fresh shade of cherry coke hair color.

How Do You Maintain Cherry Cola Hair Color?

Washing your hair less frequently is the key to maintaining the vibrancy of this hair color. Always use hair color protectant shampoo and conditioner to retain the vitality of your hair color.