Broken Horses – Movie Review

Broken Horses Or The Return Of Parinda?


  • Movie: Broken Horses
  • Cast: Chris Marquette, Anton Yelchin, María Valverde, Vincent D’Onofrio, Wes Chatham, Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Director : Vidhu Vinod Chopra
  • Genre: Mystery/Thrill/Action
  • Rank:

Star (1)

New release movie reviews bring us to the latest Hollywood release Broken Horses”. We have already come across the promotions of this movie and thus, know that it is the directorial Hollywood debut of the veteran filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Now, if we correctly remember, Chopra has made a movie some 25 years back and named it as Parinda. According to the movie reviews, this film is a western version of “Parinda”. Latest movie reviews in all the leading portals have rated the movie somewhere between 3.5 to 4 stars at the most.

V.V.Chopra has undoubtedly made Parinda a trend setter of the 80s in Bollywood, yet the latest Hollywood reviews face difficulty in putting positive reviews for this narration of Mexican blend. In the movie, the dusted streets and lanes of Mumbai was replaced with Mexico’s street. While in Parinda, a house boat was seen to be sailing on a lake, here, it was a ranch. Parinda brought the domination of Underworld on Bollywood in light but this cannot be said about the Hollywood film by Chopra. The film is already facing comparisons with another Hollywood film, of similar narration, released some three decades back “On The Waterfront”.

Chopra has kept the running time of hundred minutes and avoided boring the viewers. Unnecessary dragging of a script is not much appreciated in Hollywood fraternity. The story line was crisp yet emotional. The bloodshed scenes and violence clippings were kept to the minimal which is a standout from the other films of the same pattern. The film has a back story along with a present time narration which is again quite a common phenomenon in today’s movies. Only a strong screen presence and acting of the talented stars can fetch the movie its accolades that Chopra aims for.

The tale revolves around two brothers sharing a strong emotional bond. The elder one, Buddy, has seen his father being shot. He gets emotionally drained and shocked with the incident and slowly finds himself entering in a close relationship with the gangster, Julius Hench. The younger brother, Jacob, shares interest in music and plays violin. He has an Italian girlfriend and seeks to settle down with her. Jacob returns to his home, someplace in Mexico, to get a wedding gift from his brother. It is then the present day story starts revealing some hidden secrets, truths, unhealed cuts and some spices of actions.

Broken Horses can entertain you over the weekend if you are a big fan of action films. However, do not expect to be swept off the ground by this Hollywood debut of Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Anybody who has watched the movie Parinda will be able to find the similarities.