Piku – Movie Review

Another Bong Connection Marks Shoojit Sircar’s Strong Foothold In Bollywood


  • Movie: Piku
  • Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Irfan Khan,Deepika Padukone, Mousumi Chatterjee
  • Director: Shoojit Sircar
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Rank:

5 starsPiku is not any other Bollywood movie. It is the most awaited Bollywood movie with a “bong” connection. “Bong” influences of director Shoojit Sircar, Anupam Roy and our own Bengali jamai babu, Senior Bachchan, emerged in the form of the grand box office opening and success of Piku.

Bollywood latest movie review reports that the entire film was shot in Calcutta. The production used the famous Jimmy Laha’s house and the Burdwan Rajbari for the entire shooting. Deepika reportedly has learnt a few Bengali lines as she portrays the leading character Piku, who is a Bengali by origin. Piku is a Bengali name often common in almost every Bengali household and it is also a unisexual name, thus, Sircar thought of christening Deepika’s character as Piku.

Piku Banerjee, an architect by profession, is the only child of Bhaskar, a Septuagenarian, and lives in Delhi. He is obsessed about his health which includes his problem of constipation. Everything in Pappy’s life and incidentally in the lives of people around him somehow gets intertwined with his stomach’s motion. Piku is like the tangy, mouthwatering yet hot and spicy Bengali jhalmuri and her father is like the pungent smell and the X-factor of that jhalmuri, the mustard oil. The both father and daughter characters are inseparables, one cannot exist without the other yet they are constantly at the daggers drawn.

The plot of the story takes shape when Pappy decides to travel from Delhi to his home town Kolkata. But he chooses a road trip instead of catching a flight as he suspects that his so-called “motion” will be seriously affected if he flies to Kolkata. Now, Piku gets the task of accompanying Bhaskar on his road trip to Kolkata along with a cab company’s owner cum driver Rana, her father’s “Potty” aide Budhan and hilariously, a pot seat. All of them set for a road trip to Kolkata.

The story of the movie is almost like a next-door story and the roles of Bhaskar, Piku, Rana are just some next-door people you can easily relate and identify yourself with. This is probably the very reason that gave Piku a huge opening. The writer Juhi Chaturvedi, Sircas’s eyeball has nailed it.

Entertainment Café of Indicafe24 delivers the verdict that Piku marked Shoojit Sircar as a very talented and gifted director of Bollywood. It is also the debut Hindi movie of Anupam Roy as a music director. Two bongs came together to give a huge opening to this week’s Friday release, Piku.

Indiacafe24 gives a ranking of 5 on 5 to Piku.