Movie Review: Sam Bahadur

Sam Bahadur- A Biographical War Movie with Vicky Kaushal heart winning act

Movie Title: Sam Bahadur

Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Sanya Malhotra, Mohamad Zeeshan Ayub, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Neeraj Kabi.

Director: Meghna Gulzar

Genre: Biographical War Movie

Rating: 3/5

The movie presents a compact version of the life of India’s most charismatic military General, Sam Manekshaw. It is the story of how Corporal Sam Bahadur (Vicky Kaushal) became the Field Marshal of the Indian Army. The movie covers more than four decades of the career of the master strategist, known for his optimism, confidence, wit, and grit. It highlights his relationships be it with his wife, Silo Manekshaw (Sanya Malhotra), or his friendship with Yaya Khan (Mohamad Zeeshan Ayub).

The movie also brings to the fore the no-nonsense attitude of the general while dealing with political stalwarts during his career. From Jawaharlal Nehru (Neeraj Kabi) to Vallabhai Patel (Govind Namdeo) to Indira Gandhi (Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Yashwantrao Chavan (Aanjjan Shrivastav), the general never shies away from speaking his mind.  

Plot of Sam Bahadur

Sam Bahadur is an attempt by Meghna Gulzar to present the life and achievements of India’s most glorious soldier and general on the big screen. Sadly, the film is not as glorious as it could have been, although it is well-researched and well-written. Its biggest flaw is that the movie jumps from one era to another without creating any connectivity. The audience does not feel emotionally connected to the life story of one of the most talked-about soldiers of India. 

Role Plays in Sam Bahadur

Vicky Kaushal is undoubtedly the heart of the movie having played the role of Sam Manekshaw to the hilt. Similarly, Sanya Malhotra, Neeraj Kabi, and Govind Namdeo have also played their parts with great conviction.  Sana Shaikh, who plays the role of Indira Gandhi, does not come across as strong-willed and confident as the politician was in real life. 

Music, Script and Direction – Sam Bahadur

The music does not match the theme and is generally too loud and unimpressive.  The script is well-written and well-shot but this is not enough to make up for the cold implementation. The movie looks more like an inept lesson in history than the narration of the boisterous and colossal life of Sam Manekshaw.  While the movie offers the right dose of patriotism, it fails to help the audiences feel even an iota of the love and dedication that Sam Manekshaw held for his country.

Final Verdict – Sam Bahadur

Despite its flaws, Sam Bahadur is a movie worth watching for the brilliant acting skills of Vicky Kaushal. His presentation of the revered soldier on screen is truly exceptional and we at India Café 24 give Sam Bahadur 3 stars.