Bengali Web Series Review-Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay- The Impactful Blend of Whodunit and Simplicity

Web Series Title: Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

Cast: Anirban Chakrabarty, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Shomak Ghosh, Subhrajit Dutta, Bishwajit Chakraborty.

Director: Joydeep Mukherjee

Genre: Comic Thriller

Rank: 4

The Eken Babu franchise is back with the sixth season of another whodunit plot, this time in the heart of the City of Joy. The leading cast members are Anirban Chakrabarty, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Shomak Ghosh, Subhrajit Dutta, and Bishwajit Chakraborty. The director of this series is Joydeep Mukherjee, a well-known name in the OTT and Tollywood platforms. Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay was released on Hoichoi on 25 December 2022.

The Movie Plot of Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

Murder cases suddenly increase in the capital city of Kolkata, and the police are unable to solve the mystery. A professor and businessman have already lost their lives in the hands of the culprit. The officials ask Ekendra Sen, also known as Eken Babu (Anirban Chakrabarty), to solve the case, and he is ready for the task, like in the previous seasons.

His assistants, Pramatha (Shomak Ghosh) and Bapi (Suhotra Mukhopadhyay), adeptly support Eken Babu in getting an answer to the baffling case. Amidst his cheerful middle-class Bengali attribute, jumbled proverbs, and erroneous Hindi, Eken Babu uses his presence of mind to find the serial killer. The trio also receives mindful help from a police inspector, Rakhal (Subhrajit Dutta).

The Writer and Director Combo Contribution for Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

Writer Sujan Dasgupta and director Joydeep Mukherjee have created a fantastic character of Eken Babu that Anirban Chakrabarty does justice to each time. The intricate detailing of how a typical Bangali Babu should behave, blended with the prudence and watchfulness of solving a case – Eken Babu knows it all.

The Character Developments and Role Plays In Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

Anirban Chakrabarti is a class-apart actor and is winning more hearts day by day on the OTT platform. The acting skills of Shomak Ghosh and Suhotra Mukhopadhyay are also worth appreciating, and they portray some mature and sensible pieces of performance. Though viewers can break the case after two to three episodes, the actors shall keep them glued with their brilliance.

The Story Development of Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

However, the series does have some other loopholes that the director could have mended. First, there is not much highlight on the streets of Kolkata that the trailer promised. Such a reference could have made the episodes more relatable. Second, some characters, such as Bishwajit Chakraborty playing Eken Babu’s uncle, seemed exaggerated. Notwithstanding, the excellent talent of Anirban Chakraborty and the other actors is mind-blowing.

Final Verdict for Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay

The amazing portrayal of simplicity and thriller deserves kudos, for which IndiaCafe24 gives Eken Babu Ebar Kolkatay 4 stars.