Priyyanka Jagga – Eliminated in BIG BOSS 10

Priyyanka Jagga – The very First Elimination of BIG BOSS SEASON 10

jagga-759The very first eviction in this years Big Boss season 10 happened yesterday. For many it was expected and  for many ” WHAT ! HOW CAN IT BE”?  Marketing Recruiter by profession and mother of 2, 32 years Priyyanka Jagga created a very strong impression in the opening day  of the BIG BOSS. She even won one of the task and never minded to walk that extra mile to ensure her win in the task. From the last week episodes of BIG BOSS she was giving a clear indication that she is going to be a strong contender for the season. Even the housemates especially the celebrities seemed to be scared of her and her rude behavior. Salman Khan being the host of the season and guest Kamiya Punjabi was sure about the talent of this lady and all Indiawala.  But what went wrong that she became the very first name in the list of elimination? Was it her over confidence or her rude behavior towards housemates or her to much dependency of Sri Om Ji, that she failed to create the very needed spark in the hearts of millions of viewers? This season seems bit unpredictable…… Here is a poll for the viewers of BIG BOSS SEASON 10

Was The Eviction of Priyyanka Jagga correct in Big Boss 10?

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