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BB 10- 8

Congratulations MANVEER you deserve this trophy

 BB 10- 9
Speculations were there on air that this time aam admi will rule the BIG BOSS house and will emerge as the winner for the Season 10. Bigg Boss season 10 is no less than a roller coaster ride for the celebrities as they were finding it really tough to walk the same path with the commoners. This year’s BIG BOSS concept was slightly different as this time along with celebrities, ‘Indiawale’ rather say commoners were part of the reality show and they managed to create several breaking news in the BIG Boss house. There were some ridiculous Indiawale contestants to whom many of us with Hate to Hate them. Well, for the celebrity side we can say that there is no such contestant who turned so ridiculous like few Indiawale.

Unforgettable and Controversial Contestants of BIG BOSS HOUSE

Priyanka Jagga

The journey of season 10 started on 16 October 2016 with 7 celebrities and 8 Commoners. In mid season there were 3 wild card entries but all went out shortly after making their entry in the house as because they failed to impress the audience. How can we forget about Priyanka Jagga….? She got eliminated on the very first week but again returned as wild card entry. She was an unstoppable contestant of the season and used such words and acted so badly that host Salman Khan was forced to say her leave the house in the mid of a weekend ka vaar episode.
Swami Om
Another unforgettable contestant of the season was again a commoner Swami Om… He and his prabachan failed to attract the audience and Swami Om made the environment of the house so bitter that this time BIG BOSS himself was frustrated with him along with host Salman and the members of the house and asked OM to move out of the house on immediate basis. These 2 contestants were always the talk of the house even after the elimination.

Unimpressive celebrity failed to entertain

Celebrity contestants like Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra failed to create that strong impression in minds of viewers which can help them to stay back in the house. To be honest they remain in the celebrity avatar inside the house and didn’t show their real side or real charecter.

Monalisa Wedding staged in the BIG BOSS HOUSE

Monalisa wedding

Not to miss the highlight of the season the wedding of MONALISA with Boy Friend Vikrant Singh Rajpoot. Monalisa was sweet, bubbly and sometimes too nagging. She was part of 3 M group Mannu, Manveer and Monalisa.

The Final 4 of Season 10 of BIG BOSS

gurbani judge

Bani J managed to stay back in the house even after making zero effort on the activities of the BIG BOSS house, dont know how. She may be good as a VJ and a good performer in other reality shows but in BIG BOSS house she was not impressive. May be her strong fan following, her good work in industry, good rapport with Gaurav Chopra, dramatic act, silly anger and high powered frustration appeared as entertaining to audience and she emerged as the finalist in this season and  who knows can be the winner too.

Lopamudra Raut,

Lopamudra Raut, being a beauty pageant winner is one such lady in the house who believes in taking stand for her and even for others in many cases which we failed to see in any other contestants in the celebrity side. Kudos lady you are a perfect finalist material for this show. She was active all though the season and also turned silly and arrogant sometimes. We are glad to see such a potential contestant in the celebrity side. She is a deserving candidate.

Manveer Gujjar,

Manveer Gurjar is a true Indian and he is crystal clear from heart about what he wants to do and what he dont want to do. He changed his get up completely from the one in which he entered the house. The Indian audience loved this guy wholeheartedly. Being the resident of Noida and from the Gujjar community and farmer by profession Manveer managed to show his true potential to become not only the finalist but an absolute winner. When he was given the opportunity to go out and appeal for vote along with Co finalist  Mannu Punjabi, we got too see how much popular this guy is. Look at his smile…. It looks real. Although dominant by nature he is good at heart.

Mannu Punjabi

Mannu Punjabi, The last finalist of the season is a resident from Jaipur and a business man profession. He was quite prominent in the house and is a true fighter, with a clever jackal mind. The sad part is that during this season he lost his mother and need to go out for the funeral ceremony. When he returned we got to see his real side for not more than 4-5 days, but after that he again got back to hide and seek mode. How true and genuine is the friendship of Mannu and Manveer from Mannu’s end was a big question and a debatable topic.
Anyways a big round of applause to all 4 finalists who managed to exist till the end of this season.


The Night of Finale – BIG BOSS SEASON 10

The Night of Final Arrived on 29th January, 2016 and like every year Salman was looking dashing as the host of the day. The day witnessed some mind lowing performances by Manveer, Mannu, Lopamudra and Bani. Some of the ex contestant of the season where also part of the event. Remember Lokesh Kumari, that funny yet lovely girl. Her transformation in the season will surely impress you. Manveer Gujjar and Bani J managed to get huge support from the audiences and viewers of the season as per the updates which managed to get before the finale night.

BB10BB 10- 1

Like every year Big Boss gave the 4 finalist the chance to move out with 10 lakh amount. In spite of becoming one of the smartest players of the season Mannu Punjabi failed to take the risk of appearing as top 3 and walked out with the 10 Lakh. So now in the final race is Lopa, Manveer and Bani.
The evening witnessed the presence of ‘Kaabil’ stars Hrithik Roshan & Yami Gautam and even Salman danced with Hrithik and entertained the audience. There was performance by Mouni Roy and Karishama Tanna and both were looking electrifying in their performance and get up.

BB 10- 3

The 2nd finalist who got evicted after Mannu, was Lopamudra Raut and the best part of Lopa that she took the eviction sportingly and entered the stage with a happy and satisfying smile. Great going lady and we appreciate this spirit in her.
BB 10- 4After Lopa’s eviction the stage was all set to welcome the winner of the season. The situation was quite tensed and the expressions on the faces of  Bani and Manveer clearly proved the level of palpitation in their hearts.
The final 2 for the season are none other than that….

BB 10- 6

Yes…… The winner was declared and its none other than our very own commoner  Manveer Gurjar

BB 10- 7Many Many Congratulations Manveer Gurjar