Simple Bottle Painting- DIY

Bottle painting1. You can take any used bottle of any size. Clear the body of the bottle with soap and remove the label in body if any and the gum under the label.

2. Dry the bottle base with dry cloth before putting it under fan.

3. Here we used Navy blue Acrylic color to give base color

4. Leave it to get dry completely

5. Put a layer of Varnish and let it dry completely again

6. You can use a pencil or even a pen to draw any figure on the glass or if you have a good control on brush then do for direct making of flower using yellow Acrylic color

7. Let it dry for sometime

8. Yellow 3D outliner is used in giving outer line to the flower and another line given inside the petals. Another line added of orange 3 D liner by side of yellow outer line

9. Temple design with white 3D outliner done near the bottle neck

10. Colorful crystals used as border in the bottle neck top to give completeness

11. Put flowers and keep it any table corner or showcase to look great