You Are The Best Wife – Book Review

You Are The Best Wife By Ajay K Pandey – A Review

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  • Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • ISBN-10: 9382665544
  • ISBN-13: 978-9382665540
  • Pages: 248
  • Rating: 4.5 on 5


4.5 starsPenning a love story based on real life events of the author is a challenging job as it requires the writer to lay bare their deepest emotions before the world. However, debut writer Ajay K Pandey has not only taken up this challenge but has also completed it in quite a successful manner. The result is his beautiful first book named “You Are The Best Wife”.

The front cover of the book gives the first impression of what it is about. The image is of a boy and girl cuddling and holding hands followed by the name of the novel and its tagline – A True Love Story. I, for one, am amongst the few readers, who do not like stories that are too romantic, but this book proved to be an exception. Its realistic storyline held me captive till the the last page.

The book tells the tale of Ajay and Bhavna, two people with contradictory ideologies, who find love with one and another get married. Ajay and Bhavna both learn to look at the word from a new prospective from each other. However, fate has other things in store for the couple and as Bhavna’s sudden death leaves Ajay devastated. However, Ajay learns to live on and face the struggles of his life while driving courage from Bhavna’s last words to him, “You are the best husband.”

May be I, am still in this world, but to a great extent same scenario happened with me in 2014 , when I spend my days in ICU and that too in Noida, the same city of the story. Doctors too gave up and said anything can happen to me to my husband. I can find the same expression of my husband in Ajay. It was his strong belief in me and my fight back spirit that am back to this world. I can feel every bit of this real life story.

You Are The Best Wife is a heartwarming story that reflects the struggles of a couple and their strong belief in love even in the face of adversities. It is a realistic tale of the problems faced by couples in an inter-caste marriage. Ajay K Pandey needs to be appreciated for the fact that he has kept the book as real as possible while also adding a dose of humor here and there.

I loved the conversation in which Bhavna’s mother asked Ajay, whether he forgiven God or not for loss of Bhavna and Ajay said No as he has taken away the most beautiful gift of his life. In return what her mother said touched me “ if he is responsible for your loss, then God is the one who brought her into your life” ………….. “Forgive him for all the things that life has given to you” The statement is so meaningful that like Ajay it also forced me to think again what God gave to me.

For Ajay, I will say you are lucky to have a 2nd mom in your mother in law.

I, wish Ajay great success in his future endeavors!

You Are the Best WifeYou Are the Best Wife by AJAY K PANDEY

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book tells the story of Ajay and Bhavna. They made every possible effort to stay together and when everything was just going right life took a U turn and Ajay was forced to say goodbye to Bhavna for ever. Bhavna left the world and Ajay was just shattered.

What happen next, how the loving heart of a beautiful soul Bhavna encouraged Ajay to fight back and start looking at life in a positive way form the rest part of the story.

Every line, every feelings of this Novel is so real that it made a perfect read.

Great work by Ajay and he did a commendable job in penning down is own love story in a complete realistic manner. To read the complete review visit…

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