Tiny Habits Massive Results By Jaishree Nenwani- Book Review

Tiny Habits Massive Results By Jaishree Nenwani: The Key To Creating A Better Life With 7 Everyday Habits


It is a common perception that our habits define who we are. However, the truth is we let our habits control the way we live our life rather than it being the other way around. It is what Jaishree Nenwani’s book Tiny Habits Massive Results tries to explain.

The book helps the readers understand the importance of developing healthy habits that can transform their lives, for the better. 

Premise – Tiny Habits Massive Results

As the name suggests, the book talks about everyday habits that have become our second nature and that we do not give much thought to. It discusses seven habits, that people need to cultivate to make their lives healthier and happier. The author explains each of these seven habits in great detail. She also discusses the positive and powerful impact they have on our lives. The author even offers tips and suggestions to integrate these seemingly small yet very important habits into our daily life. The habits/. l discussed in the book include waking up early, meditating, maintaining a journal, letting go of things and emotions, expressing gratitude, taking a break from routine, and decision-making. The author even discusses the importance and benefits of minding your own business as a pro habit and a bonus for readers.    

Who Should Read It – Tiny Habits Massive Results

Writing Style – Tiny Habits Massive Results

The author has followed a simple and non-preachy writing style to help the readers gain a solid understanding of the ideas that got discussed. The 159-page book gets divided into multiple chapters. From chapter 2 onward, every chapter is dedicated to one everyday habit. Each chapter is further divided into sections that cover the different aspects of the habit that were discussed. The only drawback of the book is that some chapters are too long and may seem boring.  

The cover page design is simple and features the title of the book on a plain orange background. 

Final Verdict: Tiny Habits Massive Results


This is a good book for readers seeking positive transformation in their lives by changing their everyday habits, and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.