The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min- Book Review

The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min – Teaching Children The Importance Of Accepting Themselves


Bullying is a serious problem, especially among school-going children and it is important to make the kids aware of the same.

The Ouchiest Words by Debbie Min is a beautiful children’s book that creates awareness about bullying. It also teaches children to stand up to bullies by first accepting themselves as who they are. 

Premise – The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min

Nari, a Korean immigrant student, is bullied by her schoolmate Zach for having a unique name and looking different from other kids. Nari confides in her best friend Emily and her mother, who tells her that she can only decide whose words would hurt her. However, Zach continues to bully her and Nari loses interest in going to school. Then one day, Nari witnesses Zach bullying a fat girl named Patty, but he seems to have little effect on her. Nari talks to Patty and learns that when Zach says bad things about her, she remembers the good things that people say about her and also sings a song in her mind. This gives Nari the strength to stand up to Zach, who is punished for bullying several children at school.    

Character Development -The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min

All the characters in the book have been presented beautifully through illustrations. Given the extremely short length of the book, the author has not provided any written description of the characters. However, this proves quite unnecessary as the key focus of the book is the problem of bullying which has been well-addressed.   

Plot – The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min

The book is just 40 pages long and is a part of the series detailing the experiences of Nari Choi, a Korean girl who has recently moved to America with her parents. The plot is fast-paced and to the point and stays focused on helping children understand the best ways to deal with the problem of bullying. It stresses the need for children to accept themselves as they are without letting their physical appearance, their social status, or their background make them feel left out.

Writing Style – The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min

Being a children’s book, the author has used simple language that is quite easy to understand. The interesting storyline is supported by equally beautiful and colorful illustrations that enhance the readability of the book further.  

The cover page design is quite beautiful and colorful and attracts the readers to read the book.

Final Verdict – The Ouchiest Words By Debbie Min

This is a must-read book for both children and adults dealing with the problem of bullying and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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