The Karachi Deception By Shatrujeet Nath- Book Review

The Karachi Deception By Shatrujeet Nath – A Well-written And Gripping Spy Thriller


Spy thrillers are quite interesting to read, especially when they are written realistically. Sadly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good spy thrillers that do not present the story in an over-the-top manner.

However, The Karachi Deception has emerged as an exception to this trend. Penned by Shatrujeet Nath, the book is one of the finest spy novels launched in the market in recent years.  

Premise Of the Book- The Karachi Deception

Major Imtiaz Ahmed, Captain Shamsheer Suleiman, and Lieutenant Rafiq Mehmood are three commandos serving in the Indian Army’s elite Unit Kilo. Major Imtiaz Ahmed is assigned the responsibility of heading project Abhimanyu, a life-defying secret mission aimed at assassinating Irshad Dilawar, India’s most wanted terrorist living under the protection of ISI in Pakistan.

However, as Imtiaz and his team cross over to Pakistan, nothing about their mission seems to go as planned, making him realize that the operation has been compromised. Whether or not Project Abhimanyu is completed successfully and will Imtiaz and his friends survive the deadly trap they are being pushed into forms the rest of the story.

Character Development – The Karachi Deception

The author has done a great job of presenting the various characters of the book in a great manner. However, no information is provided about their background making it appear as if the characters have simply jumped out of thin air. This diminishes the credibility and realistic appeal of the characters, especially since they rush headlong into a life threatening mission without expecting anything in return.

Plot Of The Karachi Deception

The fast-paced plot and the surprising twists and turns do not give much time for the readers to think. The story is set in the backdrop of the ongoing political tussle between India and Pakistan and the various characters bear resemblance to several living persons. The author needs to be applauded for the incredible twist with which he ends the book.

Writing Style of The Karachi Deception

The book has been written in a simple and easy-to-understand language and weaves a shocking tale of lies, betrayal, and deceit. The author has used a crisp to present a tale that flows smoothly and provides a vivid description of the various incidents to stir the imagination of the readers.

The cover page design is in tandem with the book’s theme and features the silhouette of a soldier standing guard at a border post.

Final Verdict of The Karachi Deception

This is a must-read book for people who love good action thrillers and spy novels and I give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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