Review of Prismatic Celluloid By Sonnet Mondal

 Prismatic Celluloid

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  • ISBN-10: 8172737491
  • ISBN-13: 978-8172737498
  • Publisher: Authors Press
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Pages: 124 Pages
  • Rating: 5 on 5


The world of poetry is generally considered one that is full of love and beauty and maybe a small space for the pain suffered in love. This was just the thought when I picked up Prismatic Celluloid by Sonnet Mondal for reading. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of emotions that the poet has beautifully penned down in this collection of poems, which seem to have come directly from his heart. In his own words, Sonnet Mondal has described the book as a collection of photographs that shed light on our various dark thoughts and after reading all the poems of this book I cannot but simply agree with him.

The very first poem named “Words From A Hell Dweller” reflects the general thinking of people about hell. Similarly the poem “Thoughts and Emptiness” reflect the inner struggle of the poet as he tries to choose between two diverse emotions. I also loved the poem “Promotion” as it reflects the bitter reality of how people tend to grow farther from friends as their position in life improves. In the poem “Discarding Umbrellas”  Sonnet has tried to motivate us to face the struggles and frustrations of our life without taking shelter behind illusions of happiness and peace.

I have to say that every poem in this book is a gem in its own way. As I turned the pages and reveled in light of poetic brilliance of this book, I found myself transported to an entirely new world. Sonnet Mondal possess a skill that makes even the darkest emotions look truly magnificent and each of his poems helped me learn something new. The best aspect about his poetry is that it is based on realistic emotions and things that form an integral part of everyday life of the common people. This is perhaps what helped me relate with the various scenarios and the situations depicted in such a fine language in each poem.