Lost In Pattaya By Kishore Modok- A Review

Author: Kishore Modak
Lost in Pattaya

Publisher: Grapevine India

Publication Year: 2014

ISBN: 9789381841228

Pages: 215


When you take a look at the blurb of this novel, it will increase the interest level to know what exactly the story is all about. To be honest, when I as a reader take a glance at the blurb of Lost in Pattaya, it actually provoked me to turn pages of this book. After going through first few pages of this Novel, I was surely disappointed, as flow was really slow and forced me to think “will it be right to continue with the rest part?” It failed to create a feeling of empathy for the lead character in my heart who just found that his little girl is missing. He was a critical character and with turning of every page I feel like that I, would love to hate him more.

But I was wrong in my thought process. The story offered me a twist when the father found her daughter. It created a new sensation and interest in me to go ahead with the next pages. Now the story seemed to me very interesting and it was really hard for me to stop before ending the same in next few hours’ time. Once I finished it I released the true essence of Lost in Pattaya.

Being a true reader, I am not in the mood to reveal the story as this will end up the interest among the readers planning to grab this book to satisfy the taste bud of quality reading. It’s a story of self-discovery in which the lead characters passed through various shades of life. The concept of Sex trade and involvement of Mafia group appeared to me as the main highlight of the story which is very presented by the author Kishore Modok.

 Lost in Pattaya offered me a new flavor which is quite different as well as interesting from the books which I read so far. I cherished it. The plot of the story was strong and narrations are also excellent, but what I will consider as a huge drawback in the storyline is that- It’s too slow. It may happen those who are fast readers will find it non impressive. Yes, I liked this story and I will recommend all to read it if you are actually interested to get a taste of different story far away from regular romantic and drama novels.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on The Tales Pensieve.