Karma Kola By Deepak Kaul – A Book Review # Book Marathon

Karma Kola By Deepak Kaul – A Book Review

  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ASIN: B07F8GFVT7

  • Pages: 95

  • Rating: 3.5 on 5

“Karma Kola” is another book of Deepak Kaul which is again a collection of 10 short stories. You will get many genres and different storylines. To be honest I am developing a special interest in Deepak’s books in recent times. Well, that because of its amazing style of storytelling. First coming to the book cover it’s simple yet attractive but was not sure what the book is going to offer.
My experiences so far with the author’s writing encouraged me to go for it. But this time the experience was 50-50. The title holds no relation with the inner contents as per me.
The first one is the story which says whatever decision we take in life that needs to take after proper analysis of the pros and cons.
The second story narrates the meeting of two friends after many years. Now they belong to different financial statuses. The meeting will help us to understand how status can impact our thought-process. And it also affects friendship.
I found the third story bit interesting among the first 3. It centers around a manuscript and to know what the story is all about, do read it.
Want a story of twist and turn, then the fourth one in the series will fulfill this desire of yours. In the corporate world speaking blunt truth is a perfect NO to remain in the boss’s good book. But few rare people are there who don’t hesitate to speak the truth. Well, the lead character in this story is one such person. He spoke the truth and faced career fall. But hold on. There is a twist and the lead character return with full charisma. It happened with the support of another unknown person.
The fifth story is about the bond of love between son and mother…. But is that something different to read. I wish the readers to judge. For me, the story ranks 2nd last in the list of 10 stories.
Coming to the 6th story…. I am not sure what the author wants to say with this story. If any of my fellow readers can make out the meaning please do share it with me.
The seventh story is the list is something different at least for me. It centers around the love & pain which exists between one couple. I loved the story.
Well, the Eight Ok…. This one, not my favorite in the collection but still I liked it. It’s the birth of love at the age of 40 in the life of a woman and that all because of a woman.
Glamour is not something that easily comes in life. And you need to experience pain to taste the flavor of glamour. The Ninth story is on this subject.
The last story is another beautiful piece of the story in this book’s collection and the one I loved the most. This story gave me the essence of the actual style of Deepak Kaul stories.
So, coming to the final verdict …… few stories are excellent and few not up to the mark. So, you may skip from buying it and if you are a fan of Deepak Kaul and want to have all his collection with you then go for it.
I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’