It Was Always You By Sudeep Nagarkar- Book Review

It Was Always You By Sudeep Nagarkar – An Amazing Tale Of Friendship, Love, And Marriage


Although numerous people fall in love, only a few of them have the good fortune of getting to spend their life with their beloved. The pain of getting rejected is unfathomable and even when such people move on in their lives, they are never truly able to forget those they loved.

And then what happens if the ex resurfaces in the life of the jilted lover? This is the theme used by Sudeep Nagarkar in his latest book It Was Always About You. 

Premise Of the Book- It Was Always You

Karan and his best friend Aditya are married to Shruti and Jasmine respectively and the two couples are having a good time. Then when COVID-19 strikes, the lives of all four get disrupted. While Jasmine loses her project, Aditya’s writings for an upcoming series are put on hold. A desolate Aditya asks Jasmine to take a step back in her career, hurting her and causing problems in their relationship.

Meanwhile, a pregnant Shruti, who is in her first trimester, has to face the turmoil of Karan testing Covid Positive. To complicate things further, the doctor treating Karan at the hospital is none other than his ex-girlfriend Navya, who is now divorced. The two couples then find themselves struggling to overcome the challenges life has suddenly thrown at them while keeping their marriages intact. 

Plot of It Was Always You

The book tells a tale of relationships of the heart and how they can lead people to make mistakes that can ruin their lives. It also reflects the strength of marriage and the love and trust that couples share which helps them to overcome even the biggest challenges of life. 

Character Development – It Was Always You

All the characters in the book have been beautifully developed which makes them extremely realistic. The readers can connect with the passion, agony, turmoil, and agony that each character is going through which further adds to the excitement of the book.

Writing Style – It Was Always You

The author has used simple language which makes it easy for the readers to enjoy the book and understand its storyline. The narrative is quite good and the smooth flow of the plot makes for an interesting and engaging reading experience.

The cover page design is quite enigmatic and it keeps the readers guessing the book’s storyline.

Final VerdictIt Was Always You

This is a must-read book for people who are keen to gain a better understanding of relationships made by heart and I give it 4/5.

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