In Love With Shahrukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose – Book Review

In Love With Shahrukh Khan by Ajitabha Bose – A Review

In Love With SRK Book ReviewamazonPustak Mandi

  • Publisher: Authors Ink Publications

  • Publication Year: 2016

  • ISBN-10:

  • ISBN-13: 9789385137518

  • Pages: 50

  • Rating: 4 on 5

 4 stars

When I first came across the title In Love With Shahrukh Khan, I believed that this would yet another documentation explaining why SRK is the King of Bollywood. To my surprise, I soon learned that the book is actually a micronovel and a pocket love story written by Ajitabaha Bose. I was really impressed by the cover page featuring a monochromatic sketch of SRK’s side profile.  Having read and reviewed the author’s earlier works, I was really excited about going through this one.
In Love With Shahrukh Khan tells the tale of Aanya, who like millions of other young girls, dreams of meeting the King Khan himself someday. Vivaan is a flirt, who makes a promise to Aanya, a small town girl, about fulfilling her dream. However, life takes an unexpected turn when the two fall in love. So where will the destiny of the two lovers take them. Will Vivaan keep his promise? Will Aanya’s dream be fulfilled or will she be left more than heartbroken? To get the answer to these questions, it is best to read the book.
Ajitabh has a knack for using everyday life scenarios into interesting tales and this is exactly what he has done in In Love With Shahrukh Khan. He has addressed common phenomenon in Indian society where young boys and girls idolize their favorite Bollywood star and go to any length to meet them just once. The simple language adds to the realistic feel of the book and the readers tend to start becoming deeply associated with the main characters. Even I found myself smiling and crying while going through certain scenarios in the book.
Overall, Ajitabh has created yet another gem in the form of In Love With Shahrukh Khan and I hope that every reader enjoys reading the book as much as I did.