I Am Invincible By Neelam Kumar – A Collection Of 13 Glorious And True Stories

I Am Invincible By Neelam Kumar – A Collection Of 13 Glorious And True Stories

Motivational books are written in large numbers as it presents the authors with a wide choice of topics and themes to write about. However, the thing that makes Neelam Kumar’s I am Invincible truly stand apart is that the book seeks to inspire the readers through real stories about people who have successfully defeated cancer.


The book consists of thirteen stories each corresponding to the individual journey of a cancer survivors and Adversity fighters. It details the struggles these common people had to go through in the face of the onslaught of life and the things that helped them stay mentally strong and motivated. It also features the medical perspectives of the most renowned doctors from across the country with respect to not only the disease itself but also its impact on the life and psychology of the patients. It teaches the readers that life is unpredictable and uncertain and highlights the importance of celebrating the human spirit against all odds. Among all 13 stories my personal favorite is the story of Sapna Moti Bhavnani. I witnessed her journey in BIG BOSS  and unfortunately that time I failed to understand her character and the pain deep beneath in the heart of this smiling face. But I thank author Neelam Kumar  for presenting her story and the way she fought back in life introduced me to new Sapna.  To me she is inspirational and people should learn how to be back in life from her.

Writing style: 

The writing style adopted by the author and language used remained same throughout the book. Given the theme of the book, the readers are quite unlikely to come across any difficult medical terminology or even unusually hard or uncommon words. This makes the flow nice and lucid and ensures a better understanding of the issue by the readers.

Who Can Read This Book:

Even though the book has been written for the general public, it is a must read for individuals who might be suffering from this disease. The book can also prove inspirational for people facing other challenges in life or struggling with something deeply overwhelming and depressing.
I found both the cover and the title of the book well suited to its theme and I truly consider book to be a must read for all to gain awareness about this highly sensitive topic prevalent in our society.

Final Verdict:

This is a really good book that gives hope to the readers and fills their heart with warmth  by narrating the true tales of git, courage and the fight for survival and I give it 5/5. Each one of the stories are inspirational.
Special Thanks to Fingerprint! Publishing for providing a Review copy of  I Am Invincible By Neelam Kumar