Grandma’s Bag Of Stories By Sudha Murty – Book Review

Grandma’s Bag Of Stories By Sudha Murty – A Fascinating Collection Of Stories For Children


Most of us have listened to the various stories narrated by our grandmothers when we were kids. These stories played an important role in teaching us important life lessons and shaping the person we have become today.

The famous entrepreneur and author Sudha Murty has recreated the magic of these stories in her book Grandmas Bag Of Stories.

Premise – Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

The book is a collection of 22 short stories narrated by Ajji to her seven grandchildren when they come to visit her during the summer holidays. The stories with their simple themes and a hidden message weave a magical world for the children where they are both entertained and educated. This is a world of kings and princesses, animals and insects, and travels and treasures. The stories stir the imagination of children and also help them to find the solutions to their problems in a fun-filled and interesting manner. Most importantly, it strengthens the bond of love and companionship that the children share with their grandmother, as she spins tales that are both beautiful and engaging.

Who Should Read It – Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

Even though the book is primarily meant for children, it also makes a good read for adults. In addition to teaching children the importance of good values and morals, it also educates them about the need to face challenges with confidence and be strong in various situations. For adult readers, the book is more like a trip down memory lane as it reminds them of the leisurely time they used to spend with their grandparents during their vacations.  

Writing Style – Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

The author has used simple language which makes it easy for the readers to enjoy the book. The stories are well-written, short and crisp and this ensures that the children do not lose interest in the book too easily. The stories also have some illustrations which further enhance the fun of reading them, especially for the children.

The cover page design is extremely colorful and appealing and matches the title and theme of the book perfectly.

Final Verdict-Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

This is a good book for kids and adults who loved Grandma’s stories and I give it 4.5/5.

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