A Book Review Of Words Are All I Have By Marietta Pereira

A Book Review Of Words Are All I Have By Marietta Pereira – A Collection Of Author’s Thoughts and Musings 


Technically all books are a collection of the imagination and thoughts of the writers presented in an organized and colorful manner.

Rarely have authors presented their thoughts and musings in the raw form in their books. However, Marietta Pereira’s book, Words Are All I Have, is an exception and hence proves to be an interesting read.

Premise – Words Are All I Have

The book is a compilation of the random thoughts and musings of the author about various aspects of life. These quotes are both full of wisdom and inspiration and help the readers look at the different concepts of life with a new perspective. They cover a wide range of topics including friendship, the changes we experience in everyday life, hope, fear, love, forgiveness, healing, and even being a woman. The book helps the readers to prepare for the future by looking upon their past as a source of knowledge and seeking hope in what they have not yet experienced.

Who Should Read It Words Are All I Have

The book is good to read for people looking to feel relaxed and refreshed and even to lift their mood. It is also a good book for people who are looking for ways to boost their confidence or readers who prefer informative books that are not too mundane.  

Writing Style Words Are All I Have

The author has followed a simple writing style and used easy-to-understand language that makes the book suitable for readers of all age groups. The exquisite illustrations used in the book enhance its readability and make it quite interesting.

Final VerdictWords Are All I Have

This is a good book for kids and adults alike, especially when they are seeking some inspiration, and I give it 3.5/5.

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