Book Review Of Unbroken By Indrani Mukerjea

A Book Review Of Unbroken- The Untold Story By Indrani Mukerjea – The Memoir of A Former Media Baron and Murder Convict


Indrani Mukherjea became a household name in 2015, when she was accused and arrested for the murder of her daughter Sheena Bora. The media trial that followed pronounced her guilty even before her trial in the court.

The former media baron, who claims to be innocent, is still under trial. Her book Untold is a collection of her life’s memoirs. It presents her side of the story, which nobody seemed interested in hearing.

Premise – Unbroken- The Untold Story

The book covers the life of Indrani Mukerjea from her childhood to her time in the prison.She provides details about her struggles in life that began when she was still a young girl. She tells about her rape by her father that led to her first pregnancy and the birth of Sheena. The book also provides details of her tumultuous relationship with her parents.

She also talks about her successful career, her failed marriages and her relationship with her children. Indrani then relates her ordeal as an undertrial and her life in prison.  She expresses her doubts about her second husband Peter being involved in her indictment. The book tells the untold story of Indrani that no one seemed willing to hear.

Who Should Read It – Unbroken- The Untold Story

The book aims to tell Indrani’s side of the story.  It is a motivational text that inspires people never to give up. If you love an emotional and moving tale, this book is for you. You will also love this book if you love reading about scoops. You must read the book if you believe in the innocence of Indrani.

Writing Style – Unbroken- The Untold Story

The book is well-written and sticks to the fact. Indrani has avoided using flowery language to make her story more dramatic. She highlights her struggles and her achievements with great honesty. Her objective is to simply present the facts as she experienced them. Her confidence that truth will prevail in the end shines through her writing.   

The cover page design is quite simple yet impactful. It features a picture of Indrani on a black background. The title and the picture together emphasis the theme of the book.

Final Verdict: Unbroken- The Untold Story

This book is a collection of life experiences of Indrani Mukherjea. It is a thought- provoking memoir that in which Indrani bears her heart out. I personally found it quite moving and inspiring and that is why I give it a rating of 4.0/5.

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