Book Review Of AI Rising: India’s Artificial Intelligence Growth Story

A Book Review Of AI Rising: India’s Artificial Intelligence Growth Story Co-authored by Leslie D’Monte And Jayanth N. Kolla


We can witness massive advancement in the world of technology. Such advancement  happened in the past few decades.  It has affected every aspect of our life. Now there is a latest addition to this technological revolution. Yes, you got it right and it is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Authors Leslie D’Monte and Jayanth N. Kolla have chosen to explore the impact of AI further. Their book AI Rising: India’s Artificial Intelligence Growth Story talks about growing impact of AI in life of common men.

Premise – AI Rising

The book talks about the constantly expanding reach of AI in India.

a) It shares a realistic view about AI’s potential.

b) Authors said AI can make human life better. 

c) The book narrates various aspects of AI concepts.

d) It also guides readers  about the way this technology is being used.

 Here it also talks about the future scope. As a reader we get the chance to know about the reasons behind the popularity of AI. 

What else the book talks about?

1) You will learn about AI’s ability to overpower human intelligence.

2)  It also talks about AI breakthroughs. 

3) Authors highlights the possibility of becoming self-aware.

4)  It also mentions the impact it created on the career industry. 

Overall, the book offers detailed and practical knowledge about AI.  You will get to know how it can change the face of digitization in India.

Who Should Read It – AI Rising

The book is a must-read for you if you wish  to know about AI in detail. The authors have used, stories, anecdotes, and use cases to ensure easier understanding for the readers. A question may come to mind regarding the prospect of AI?  To get the answer this is a good book. Reading it you will understand the future scope of AI. It is indeed an ideal book for tech-savvy individuals. What if you are just entering the field? It’s for you also. It can also be used for active reading by schools. It will help them  to familiarize them with this constantly evolving technology.

Writing Style – AI Rising

The authors have used simple and easy-to-understand language. Since the book is about a technical subject, they have used various methods to keep it interesting.  The book is divided into three segments. Each one of them is again organized in multiple chapters.  Again, each chapter divided into smaller sections covering a specific topic. There is a minimum use of technological terms without compromising the integrity of the text.

The cover page design matches the title and theme of the book perfectly. It is also quite appealing to readers.

Final Verdict: AI Rising

This is a good book for readers seeking practical information about AI. I recommend it to everyone for generic reading and give it a rating of 4.5/5.

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