Book Review of Tasty Tiffin by Archana Doshi

A Book Review of Tasty Tiffin by Archana Doshi – A Book Offering Healthy and Tasty Lunch Recipies For Kids  


Every day, countless parents like me across the globe struggle to choose a healthy and tasty lunch option for their kids. Some days I remain under stress just to decide what tiffin to prepare, to serve and satisfy the tastebuds of my little one without compromising on health parameters.

Given the limited choice of food options that are both nutritious and delicious, most parents lose the battle even before it begins. Archana Doshi’s book Tasty Tiffin proves to be a blessing for such parents as it offers several flavourful and nutritious recipes for kids. 

Premise:  Tasty Tiffin

The book comprises 40 + tiffin ideas that help maintain the delicate balance between taste and nutrition. Each recipe focuses on keeping the unique sense of taste of kids in mind. At the same time, these delicious recipes make it easier for parents to ensure that their children get the essential nutrients for holistic physical and mental growth. Most importantly, the recipes are simple and made from everyday ingredients used in Indian kitchens.

The book offers some fun and wholesome meal ideas that the kids will love.  In last couple of days I tried few recipes from this book for my son and surprisingly the reactions and the enjoyment is at the peak for the boy. For me its really a blessing to see so much satisfaction on his face and the credit goes to Archana Doshi for this happiness in my life. I tried the Creamy Tomato Pasta and Moong Dal Idlli and today will make the Lemon Rice.

Who Should Read This Book: Tasty Tiffin

This book is a must-read for parents whose kids are fussy about food like mine. It is also a good book for people who love healthy eating and are constantly seeking new recipes. The book can be beneficial for parents with school-going kids looking to pack their lunch with something that is both healthy and delicious. If you are looking for the best tiffin ideas then this book is definitely a must pick for you.

Writing Style:  Tasty Tiffin

The book is quite descriptive and explains the process of preparing each recipe step-by-step. The recipe and the ingredients have been explained in detail. The beautiful pictures provided along with each recipe enhance its readability further. The pictures help develop the kid’s interest in the dish long before they are prepared and served to them. 

Final Verdict: Tasty Tiffin

The book offers a respite to parents from curating healthy recipes for their kids’ day after day. I recommend it to all parents and food lovers and give it a rating of 5/5.  

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