Book Review: Boys Don’t Cry By Meghna Pant

Boys Don’t Cry By Meghna Pant – A Painful Saga Of An Abusive Relationship 


All books, irrespective of their genre, try to send out some message to the readers. Meghna Pant’s one of the latest books Boys Don’t Cry, tells the readers about the delusional nature of love and how it can become a destructive weapon for abusers.  Let’s go ahead with the book review.


The story revolves around the protagonist, Maneka Pataudi, arrested as the prime suspect for the murder of her ex-husband, Suneet. During the investigation, Maneka reveals the chilling truth of her marital abuse and neglect to the investigating officers. She talks about the mentality of the abuser and the victim. She also offers details about the role of parents and the contribution of patriarchy in promoting domestic abuse. The one condition Maneka puts on sharing her story is that it will include one lie. So it is now up to the investigating officer to find that lie as she narrates the mind-numbing atrocities she faced while being married. 

Character Development

All the characters in the book are well-developed and look real. The author provides a clear background of Maneka and takes the readers behind the closed doors of a modern Indian marriage. The main character of Maneka is based on the author herself and, just like the author, she is a true survivor of domestic abuse. 


Boys Don’t Cry is a fictionalized version of the author’s personal experiences during her first marriage. The book sends a clear message about the consequences of mistaking possessiveness for romance. The author stresses the point, “Please, don’t stay silent”. She tries to educate the readers about silence being the biggest source of violence She also highlights the role of primary caregivers, caretakers, and peers in shaping the attitude of women toward a man. She asks her female readers to remember that they are not a rehabilitation center for men. 

Writing style

The book starts on a lighter note before gradually revealing the dark aspects of an abusive marriage. It is disturbing to read the scenes of brutality and abuse. This book takes the readers on a journey of unpredictability and sends shivers down their spines from time to time. Readers may experience multiple repetitions of incidents and scenarios, which are intentional to alarm the victims. It is a page-turner and quickly engages the reader.
The cover page design of the book reflects the pain and the distress of the protagonist.

Book Review Final Verdict

This chilling tale inspires women to fight for their rights and I give it a rating of 4.5/5.